Friday, November 25, 2011


Hum Yee had the nicest TG dinner ever.

My wife has never cooked dinner and this is the first time. The effort that she puts in is quite enormous for her standard.

Find the recipe, Shop for the grocery, cook the dinner - all by herself.

That tells me something. The luuuvvvvv is still strong.

I'm super touched.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011



Man gives sick parents $2,000 cheque, chases them out of flat

They quarrelled over a dirty toilet and household chores, before son demanded they leave the flat and called the police. -

Tue, Nov 08, 2011

SINGAPORE - An elderly couple were shocked when their son demanded they move out of the flat they shared, over a dirty toilet and household chores.

According to Wanbao, he also handed them a $2,000 cheque after the couple asked him to return the $20,000 they had loaned to him, on condition that they no longer return to the flat.

The domestic quarrel was triggered because their son, 33, an army personnel, was unhappy that the toilet which his parents use had become 'dirty and smelly'.

The fight erupted yesterday in a flat in Woodlands block 769, at around 10.30am. The bickering lasted six hours, during which the son called the police.

According to the mother, Mrs Fu, 55, both she and her husband, 62, suffer from high blood pressure, and she also has diabetes.

Her son had asked them to clean the house and help with chores, but Mrs Fu says she has rheumatism, and is unable to do much.

Mr Fu was involved in an accident a few years ago and had difficulty walking, which makes doing household chores almost impossible, says Mrs Fu.

The couple, along with their youngest son, 27, had moved in with the eldest son a year ago, to help look after his two young daughters.

He had just gotten a divorce then and needed help to care for them, but has since remarried.

Even then, said Mrs Fu, they were asked to pay $1,000 a month in 'rent'.


and someone I know [we don't want to mention names la] would do the same too.