Friday, December 30, 2011

PR Lesson on Crisis Management (A Good Lawyer Doesn't Hurt Either)


SMRT please take note. THIS is how you run your PR!!!

I've learnt many lessons, says Quan
Quan, a MediaCorp artiste, was especially emotional when talking about her daughter at a press conference. -myp 
Sarah Chang

Fri, Dec 30, 2011
my paper

When someone spits at you, just endure it. [SHE WAS THE AGGRESSOR, NOT VICTIM!!! See how good PR can fucking twist the facts? SMRT, please read this!!!]

That was what Taiwan-born Quan Yifeng repeatedly told herself amid the storm of negative publicity that followed her altercation with a ComfortDelGro taxi driver in June last year.

"Even in times of difficulties, I have to always remember my child, because I need to take care of her," she said yesterday, adding that she had to endure for the sake of her 12-year-old daughter.

In the incident, Quan, 37, ripped out the taxi's fare meter and spilt water on the receipt printer, causing about $70 in damage.

She was charged with two counts of mischief and one count of using criminal force.

In court yesterday, she was sentenced to 15 months' probation after pleading guilty last month to one charge of mischief. The other two charges were taken into consideration.

Quan, a MediaCorp artiste, was especially emotional when talking about her daughter at a press conference after the court hearing.

Her daughter faced a lot of pressure in school because of the dispute and did not do as well as expected in this year's Primary School Leaving Examination, Quan told reporters.

"I could have dealt with the issue better. But as a single mother, my instinct was to fend for my child, so much so that I over-reacted to the verbal provo-cation," she said.

Quan apologised for her actions and sought forgiveness from the public.

She said she had learnt "many lessons" from the incident and its aftermath.

She also said she felt "very guilty" for putting her daughter, who had to undergo eight months of counselling, through the nightmare. [WHAT ABOUT THE TAXI DRIVER???]

In 2007, Quan also suffered severe clinical depression, anxiety and sleeping problems. She had been on medication for these conditions up till the time of the offence. [BULLSHIT!! And is she fucking saying that after the rampage in the taxi, her depression has been cured???]

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

"Ponding" is not the same as Fondling.

Hum Yee would like to draw your attention on the two nice round things in the picture below:

They are called breasts or tits.

They are soft and tender which are the next best things to Bak Kut Teh.

The best way to enjoy them is to fondle or caress them. So the way you describe it would be to say: "I'm fondling her tits and I'm getting a woody." [To the cocksucker who clicked on "getting a woody [erection]" on my every blog post, this is the meaning of getting a woody]


Read the article below:

No floods in Orchard Rd, just 'ponding': PUB

Singapore - As heavy rain pelted down on Orchard Road yesterday, Liat Towers activated its S$200,000 flood barrier system. As an added measure, plastic barriers were also distributed. But they proved no match for the floodwaters, as levels reached knee height and poured into the basement-level shops - reminiscent of the scene in June last year when floodwaters last hit the building. Yesterday, some customers even had to form a chain of chairs to get out from one of the affected stores.

Prolonged heavy rain which fell over a three-hour period over the southern and central parts of Singapore resulted in flash floods at numerous areas. Cuscaden Road, Newton Circus, Kampong Java, Lincoln Road, Wee Nam Road, Cambridge Road, the junction of Moulmein and Thomson roads in front of United Square, and the junction of Bukit Timah Road and Sixth Avenue were affected.

Flood waters reached a height of 30cm in some areas and generally subsided within an hour, except at Cambridge Road, Newton Circus and the Moulmein-Thomson junction in front of United Square, where waters subsided by 6pm, said national water agency PUB. "The affected areas are mainly low-lying areas," it added.

While the total recorded rainfall at Orchard Road was 152.8mm, PUB said "there was no flooding at Orchard Road". "However, water ponded at the open area of Liat Towers, the underpass between Lucky Plaza and Ngee Ann City, and the basement of Lucky Plaza due to the sustained heavy downpour," it added.


Hum Yee would like to know: WHAT THE FUCK IS "PONDING"???

Where do I find this word in the dictionary???

My wife always brags about her fucking country being a first world country. And mine, Malaysia, by comparison is a third world country. And mind you, she doesn't even know the definition of either of those terminologies. Don't be stupid ok?

So, is this First World English? Which fucking school did these cocksuckers at PUB go to?

[P.S @ 29/12/2011, my wife from first world country just informed me that there is indeed such a word as "ponding". Motherfucker. That means those cocksuckers from PUB did pass their primary school exams. Damn.]

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A picture = 1,000 words?

SMRT CEO, Ms. Saw.

Crouching Train Hidden Claws

There seems to be a rush to calm the nerves of commuters of MRT the last couple of days.

Apparently part of the problems was "claws on the third rail" [whatever that is, just look at the picture] were failing off the track.

It wasn't ONE single claw.

It was TWENTY ONE CLAWS. Didn't they start worrying about the train when the FIFTH claws was missing? Why wait until 21 claws???

Anyway, the geniuses at SMRT decided to put the claws back. But to MAKE SURE they don't fall off again, they got to secure it to the bracket.

You wonder how they do that. Welding maybe?

No! They tied it with cable tie. Even I think that's fucking nuts!!!

Watch the video below, around 40 seconds into it. The stupid journalist actually can keep a straight face while explaining the damn thing. That must have taken her a lot of fucking practice at drama school.

Singapore's Education System - EPIC FAIL

These are three videos that I found on YouTube. I was laughing so hard my nuts actually hurt.

Check them out...

1) This is Aaron Tan. He's 18. Apparently some boy who is 14, yes four years younger, STOLE HIS GIRLFRIEND!!! And Aaron is pissed...

2) And this is THE FAMOUS STEVEN LIM from Singapore, who tries very hard to convince everyone that Singaporeans are not racists and welcome ALL foreigners. Apparently no FT actually stole his job so he is very happy.

3) Mr.Brown says "Limpeh Tuck Yew!!!" [hilarious]

Monday, December 19, 2011

You Don'ch Know How to Siam!!!!

Hum Yee is of the opinion that Singaporeans when facing a crisis do not know how to "Siam", as in "dodging the bullet or passing the buck".

The excuses are very weak and very easily poo-poo'd by people. Watch the video and you will see what I mean. We are not stupid you know? So for example, the CEO said the staff worked throughout the night for 3 nights [pay attention on her expression when she said that].... I say so what?

Then the MSM went and interview some cocksucker who says the CEO should not resign. And they chose this cocksucker, typical Sinkie fuck-face, to say so. Is THAT representative of the Singaporean public? Do you think that little boy with small dick who can't speak properly is the authoritative voice to forgive the CEO? What kind of journalism is that?

So, rather than very poorly trying to make excuses, WHY don't you guys just totally deny responsibility? Then you wouldn't have to make excuses for the fuck-up, would you?

You guys should learn from Malaysia.

If this happens in Malaysia, the Minister will come out and say that is an act of GOD and that will be the end of story. Hahahaha. Malaysia Boleh. Singapura Tak Boleh.

P.S. For you cocksuckers who complain that she's from Malaysia/mudland (i.e. implying this wouldn't have happened if a Singaporean is in charged... yadda yadda yadda), Hum Yee says, fuck you; she's yours now. Who ask you to give her passport??? Huh? Cocksuckers.

Friday, December 16, 2011

MRT Breakdown!!!! But CEO busy playing mahjong??

This is the CEO of SMRT. She is from Penang, so same country la. [However she is now a Singaporean so that means she is fucking yours, not ours. So stop blaming Malaysia for her fucking mistakes. Who ask you to give her passport?] Nevertheless, I think she should just resign la. What is this "I will resign if it is necessary" bullshit?

This is what happened last night:


That's what Hum Yee wants to know. [The mahjong part is not true, I'm just guessing only since she's so fucking ugly]

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Singapore Taxi is more fucked-up than NYC Cab

Just yesterday, the fucking blood-sucking Singapore Taxi company "changed the fare structure". See my earlier post: Comfort My Ass

Of course there are a lot of screaming and yelling, or khao peh khao boo going on.

What surprises me is that people actually accept a peak hour surcharge based on a percentage of the fare, which is 25% for the new structure. This means if your base fare is $20, you pay EXTRA $5 surcharge.

That I think is outrageous.

By comparison, New York which is notorious for expensive cab fare has reasonable surcharges. You know why? Because it is REGULATED!! Let's see below their cab fare structure:

"The meter is required to be engaged or "hired" when a taxicab is occupied by anyone in addition to the driver

Standard City Rate (Rate Code 1)
$2.50 upon entry
$0.40 for each additional unit

The unit fare is:
one-fifth of a mile, when the taxicab is traveling at 6 miles an hour or more; or
60 seconds when not in motion or traveling at less than 12 miles per hour.
The taximeter shall combine fractional measures of distance and time in accruing a unit of fare. Any combination of distance or time shall be computed by the taximeter in accordance with the National Institute of Standards and Technology Handbook 44.
The fare shall include pre-assessment of the unit currently being accrued; the amount due may therefore include a full unit charge for a final, fractional unit.
Night surcharge of $.50 after 8:00 PM & before 6:00 AM
Peak hour Weekday Surcharge of $1.00 Monday - Friday after 4:00 PM & before 8:00 PM
New York State Tax Surcharge of $.50 per ride."

And this is all REGULATED by NYC Taxi and Limousine Commission (TLC).



Yeah, you can say, why take a cab? Buy a car and drive yourself la.

Nabeh, Hum Yee would like to tell you that he drives a car that is priced 5 times more expensive than a similar car in US.

So either way they fuck you up the ass. COCKSUCKERS!

Then you say, take public transport la!

You know why I don't? Because I don't want end up sitting beside you, you stinko fucker!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Now THIS you cannot blame it on FT.

I've been living in this country for the last 5 years.

Yes, I'm what they called FT, "Foreign Talent", a foreigner living and working in Singapore. Just like millions of people in the human history who move from one location to another, I was born in one place and now live in another.

Nothing very interesting or exceptional, right? Wrong! From a Uniquely Fucking Singaporean perspective, I am less of a human being than them locals.

The FT is supposed to come here and, get this, 'DO THE JOB THAT WE DON'T WANT TO DO." This means work such as cleaning the toilet, or digging the road or worse, get your ass fucked by some really ugly gay ah neh Singaporean for $50.00!!!!

It's like, "we are special, all these things are beneath us."

But "we got fucking Singapore Dollars, it's real big deal." "All you fucking FTs coming here to work are less than human and must get down on your fucking knees and pray to our money."

What they do not fucking tell you is that FT provide a service which brings the business cost down and as a result keep INFLATION DOWN.  That allows them to have their fucking disposable income to roam the shopping complex and stuff their fucking face with low quality sushi every weekend.

But no, every fucking thing and every fucking problem they have, they blame it on FT like me. Eh, I fucking pay my GST just like you do, ok?

In that light, I was glad to see the piece of news below. For non-Singaporean readers of this blog, taxis can ONLY be operated by Singaporean citizens.

Taxi fare is going up!!!!! I like to see how you morons are going to blame THIS on FTs.

And I laugh my ass off when I read one of the locals complaining:

"How does this restructuring address the problem of lazy cab drivers camping in corners like behind ORQ waiting for people to call for a cab, and then appearing out of nowhere to collect the extra fees? As many an expat has said before while waiting for a taxi in the queue: Singaporean cabbies are really spoiled! And many refuse to pick up passengers even though it's not shift change hour; this happens even at taxi stands in the CBD area with long queues. They're just waiting for someone to pick up the phone to dial for a cab because there's extra money! As if reducing booking fees by 20 cents will make a difference."


ComfortDelGro revises taxi fare structure from Monday
SINGAPORE - ComfortDelGro, the largest taxi operator here, said today it would revise its taxi fare structure from 6am, next Monday.

Flag down fares will also go up by 20 cents across its ComfortDelGro's fleet of 15,600 cabs here, while distance fares will be increased by 2 cents. Advance booking fees will also be increased by $8 to encourage more drivers to accept such bookings. The S$3 city area surcharge, which is currently in effect between 5pm and midnight from Monday to Saturday, will be extended to included Sundays and Public Holidays as well.

Peak period surcharge, meanwhile, will be reduced from the current 35 per cent to 25 per cent of the metered fare. It will, however, be extended to Sundays and Public Holidays.

Booking fees will also come down from the current S$3.50 during peak periods and S$2.50 at all other times, to S$3.30 during peak periods and S$2.30 at all other times.

The last taxi fare revision exercise was conducted in December 2007, and ComfortDelgro says it is revising its taxi fare structure "to better match supply with the ever-growing demand for taxi services in Singapore". ComfortDelGro operates some 15,600 taxis of the 26,700 taxis on the roads here.

Friday, November 25, 2011


Hum Yee had the nicest TG dinner ever.

My wife has never cooked dinner and this is the first time. The effort that she puts in is quite enormous for her standard.

Find the recipe, Shop for the grocery, cook the dinner - all by herself.

That tells me something. The luuuvvvvv is still strong.

I'm super touched.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011



Man gives sick parents $2,000 cheque, chases them out of flat

They quarrelled over a dirty toilet and household chores, before son demanded they leave the flat and called the police. -

Tue, Nov 08, 2011

SINGAPORE - An elderly couple were shocked when their son demanded they move out of the flat they shared, over a dirty toilet and household chores.

According to Wanbao, he also handed them a $2,000 cheque after the couple asked him to return the $20,000 they had loaned to him, on condition that they no longer return to the flat.

The domestic quarrel was triggered because their son, 33, an army personnel, was unhappy that the toilet which his parents use had become 'dirty and smelly'.

The fight erupted yesterday in a flat in Woodlands block 769, at around 10.30am. The bickering lasted six hours, during which the son called the police.

According to the mother, Mrs Fu, 55, both she and her husband, 62, suffer from high blood pressure, and she also has diabetes.

Her son had asked them to clean the house and help with chores, but Mrs Fu says she has rheumatism, and is unable to do much.

Mr Fu was involved in an accident a few years ago and had difficulty walking, which makes doing household chores almost impossible, says Mrs Fu.

The couple, along with their youngest son, 27, had moved in with the eldest son a year ago, to help look after his two young daughters.

He had just gotten a divorce then and needed help to care for them, but has since remarried.

Even then, said Mrs Fu, they were asked to pay $1,000 a month in 'rent'.


and someone I know [we don't want to mention names la] would do the same too.


Monday, October 24, 2011


In Singapore, they like to say things like "double-confirm" and "irregardless". Now lets talk about "Over-Promise".

Over-Promise is when you say something so good, whatever the motive, that later you will regret.

The most recent racist fucking Malay cocksuckers in Malaysia who tries to over-compensate for their small dicks and ugly wives...

And they have... promised ONE MILLION MUSLIMS ..... to fit into a stadium with a capacity of 80,000? The other 920,000 go where?

See what I mean about stupid cocksuckers??

Himpun says numbers don’t matter

UPDATED @ 07:09:19 AM 23-10-2011
October 22, 2011
SHAH ALAM, Oct 22 — Himpunan Sejuta Umat has said it is not concerned with the poor turnout at today’s rally, arguing that the spirit of the 5,000-strong crowd was more important.

“We are not concerned about the real numbers if you want to count everyone,” Himpun chairman Mohd Azmi Abdul Hamid told reporters after the rally.

“They can be a small number but the spirit is the same [when you have a dick in your mouth, you tend to say stupid things like that - Hum Yee], whether one million come or one hundred thousand or one thousand.”
In Singapore recently, I think they also over-promised la.

PM's goal: No one gets left behind
by Janice Heng

IN HIS first appearance before the new Parliament elected in the watershed May general election, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong pledged to make maintaining social mobility a top priority of his new government.

A society 'in which no one is left behind' was his objective, he declared, and one made particularly urgent by an apparent trend of rising social stratification.

Speaking for more than an hour before an attentive House, PM Lee set out what was needed to realise the vision of a better life for all - a vision first painted in President Tony Tan Keng Yam's address at the opening of Parliament last week.

This, he indicated, would be 'the next chapter' in the ongoing Singapore Story.

One requirement was an inclusive society in which everyone benefits from progress, 'has a say, a stake and a sense of belonging', and aspires to do better.

[Sure or not? No one? Not even a single one? - Hum Yee]

Friday, October 21, 2011

Honk My Ass!!

I hate fucking Singaporeans!!!!

There, I said it. I don't give a fuck if you deport me.

This morning while driving on a two lane street. Traffic was going at 40kph, yes four zero, on both lanes.

I saw a car that was at least 2 car lengths behind me, so I changed lane.

The cocksucker honked at me and gave me the finger!!!! MOTHER FUCKER!!!!

You know why? It was not because I caused him to break suddenly [even if that was the case, chill la!!].

He was fucking pissed off BECAUSE I changed into his lane so quickly he had NO TIME TO SPEED UP TO BLOCK ME!!! 





Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Hum Yee has been living in Singapore for a few years now.

It is a constant love-hate relationship with this city... and to a certain extend the locals.

One thing about the kiasu-ness of Singaporean is true.

For example, why are all the cocksuckers driving on the road ASSUME that the space 100 meters in front of them are theirs, regardless of traffic conditions? They will fucking honk you if you dare to change lane in front of them. This is not something new but still...

The other day Hum Yee was going to order a new aircon for the apartment and found himself questioning the salesman about this and that. And then on the way home, I said to the wife: "Holy shit, have I been super kiasu with that salesman just now? Have I become one of you??" The wife was laughing her ass off, cocksucker.

[The picture above has got ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with this topic. But I just want to mess with your head a little bit...]

Anyway, I rarely like to talk about myself. But work has been pretty good lately and I'm settling in the new job (well not that new anymore considering I've been in the job for 2 years) and it looks like I'll be staying here for a while.

It's kind of ambivalent for me. I love a big part of this city. The other day I was taking the new Circle Line to Vivocity and the new train was so nice and efficient. This you can't find in KL.

But I just don't want to end up being another Singaporean cocksucker, you know? Small minded, kiasu, and ill mannered. Will staying here for another 5-10 years make me into another heartland uncle???

I hope not.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

It's not the same!!??!!

Health Minister Liow Tiong Lai today apologised for initially denying that anti-riot weapons were discharged on protesters seeking refuge at the Tung Shin hospital during the Bersih rally on July 9.

“When I was relaying the hospital’s report (to the public), I had caused different interpretation among different people, and causing misunderstandings.
“Based on the disturbance that I had caused, I would like to express my apologies,” he said in Putrajaya this morning.
On the “smoke bomb”, which the probe had confirmed landed in Chinese Maternity Hospital adjacent to Tung Shin, Liow said that it should not be confused with tear gas.
NONE“A smoke bomb and tear gas are very different. It cannot be compared,” he said.


Tuesday, October 4, 2011


I love Mustafa.

For those of you cocksuckers from Malaysia. This is a MEGA store in Singapore that opens 24 hours. It literally has got EVERYTHING IN THIS WORLD. It belongs to a Mamak, so if you're an ah neh, this is like heaven to you if you just got off the boat.

I think LKY went to Mustafa 5 years ago and say: "eh Mus, I'm going to bring in ONE MILLION ah nehs in the next 5 years, are you going to expand your store or not?" So, Mustafa became even 'HUGER". I know there's no such word but this is what my wife would probably say.

Anyway, the thing about Mustafa is that after you buy your stuff, they will bag it and cable-tie it. So that it's more difficult for you to shop-lift.

For example:

That's my wife's head by the way. Just kidding. And check out her tummy. She's not pregnant (thank the lord), she's just fat. Hehehe.

Then I turned around and saw this!!!!

Have they got a plastic bag THAT BIG??? How else are they going to cable-tie the cocksucker???



[If the report below is true, then this is true democracy. Despite very strong believes in opposite directions, these people can trash it out, work together and co-exist, then there is hope for this country afterall. - Hum Yee]

Pakatan reaches consensus after fiery hudud meeting

Written by  Wong Choon Mei, Malaysia Chronicle
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Pakatan reaches consensus after fiery hudud meeting
After a marathon meeting where tables were banged and DAP chairman Karpal Singh was even out-shouted by his own party mates eager to come to grips with a problem that has shaken the Pakatan Rakyat coalition, agreement was finally reached and everyone got most of what they had hoped for.
Firstly, PAS Spiritual Adviser Nik Aziz Nik Mat was given the nod to pursue his agenda for hudud law in Kelantan, where in 1993, long before the Pakatan was formed he had passed hudud into law at the state assembly. However, he was stopped from implementing it by ex-premier Mahathir Mohamad.
This is a major concession from DAP and is in recognition of Nik Aziz's contribution to the country and the opposition coalition. The same recognition was extended to Terengganu, where PAS president Hadi Awang had gazetted hudud into law in 2003 but was also unable to implement it.
In return, DAP won the acknowledgement it sought from PAS that the Pakatan's Common Policy Framework (or joint manifesto) and their Buku Jingga (or joint socio-economic blueprint) would remain as they were, without provision for the inclusion of hudud.
This is a major concession from PAS, to agree to uphold the Federal Constitution which does not permit hudud. The much maligned Muslim law pertains to criminal prosecution and this aspect of the law comes under federal jurisdiction.
As such, without the go-ahead at the federal government level, hudud cannot be implemented even though it may have been passed at the state level, such as in Kelantan and Terengganu.
Thirdly, all three Pakatan partners - DAP, PAS and PKR - agreed to reaffirm their support for the CPF and Buku Jingga.
"We are happy with the results," said Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim, whose PKR party had brokered the agreement.
Asked if Pakatan would amend the federal constitution to include hudud if it won GE-13, PKR vice president Tian Chua said there was nothing to stop PAS from pushing for hudud or even an Islamic state so long as it could achieve a two-thirds majority in Parliament.
But PKR and DAP were not bound to support the motion. Pakatan did not have to vote as a bloc on hudud or an Islamic state as these issues were not agreed on in the CPF and Buku Jingga, Tian stressed.
"There is still a lot of misunderstanding and it boils down to democracy. Each of the parties have their right to their own ideology. They can aspire for what they wish and try to effect it. So for PAS as a party to want hudud, it must get two-thirds majority first," Tian told Malaysia Chronicle.
"But as a coalition, we have firm agreement. PAS has agreed to stand by the Common Policy Framework and Buku Jingga which it also acknowledges does not contain any hudud provisions. This is in line with DAP's and PKR's stand. But DAP and PKR also agreed to allow Nik Aziz to pursue his hudud agenda in Kelantan to the maximum that he can and to accept the same in Terengganu."
Twenty six leaders attended Wednesday night's meetng at the PAS headquarters in Chow Kit, Kuala Lumpur.
DAP leaders who came included Karpal Singh, Lim Kit Siang, Tan Seng Giaw, Tony Pua, Anthony Loke, Chen Man Hin and Liew Chin Tong.
PAS was led by Hadi Awang, Mat Sabu, Mustaffa Ali, Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man, Dzulkefli Ahmad, Nasruddin Tantawi and Takiyuddin Hassan.
PKR leaders who brokered the agreement were Wan Azizah Wan Ismail, Azmin Ali, Tian Chua, Saifuddin Nasution, Nurul Izzah, Fuziah Salleh and Shamsul Iskandar.
The meeting began around 8.30 pm and ended at midnight. It was not only a marathon session but an extremely noisy one with Karpal in full bloom. Party workers told Malaysia Chronicle Karpal had insisted that the federal constitution could not be changed and refused to negotiate.
The DAP chairman made so much noise that his own party mate Tan Seng Giaw finally shouted back at him with words to the effect that 'this is not a court of law and if you only look at it from the point of view of the law, then you are only a lawyer and not a politician. A politician must always consider the people and be able to negotiate and find ways to resolve disagreements'.
After that outburst, the temperature went back to normal and despite tough negotitaions, consensus was finally reached. Pakatan now wants to put the issue behind them and focus full attention on the 13th general election, which many pundits expect to be called within the next 60 days.
“We stress that we will not be dragged into the desperate political ploy of Umno-BN to drive a wedge between us. We fully believe in the maturity and wisdon of the rakyat to judge this situation for themselves,” said Anwar.
Criminal law comes under the purview of the federal government
PKR was tasked to broker an agreement between PAS and DAP after a row erupted due to a challenge from Mahathir to Nik Aziz to implement hudud if he was sincere about Islam. Nik Aziz countered by exposing Mahathir's and Umno's role in preventing Muslims from implementing hudud in Kelantan.
The Kelantan Mentri Besar explained that he could not proceed as the Umno-led federal government had issued a letter stopping the implementation.
According to Tian, state governments do not have control over criminal prosecution. "At the state level, governments have say over personal laws like marriage and divorce and so on but in anything criminal, it reverts to federal law," said Tian.
Nik Aziz was not present at the meeting, neither was DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng. Both PAS and DAP had gotten into verbal skirmishes as a result of the row over hudud.
The Islamist PAS had been adamant on pursuing hudud, which remains their aspiration although party leaders have also said said they realize it cannot be implemented yet - not until Malaysian society and this included many Muslims themselves - fully accepted hudud.
As Shah Alam MP Khalid Samad has said, "this can only come about after a long process of education and it will not be easy because for 5 decades, Umno has poisoned the minds of the people against hudud."
Malaysia Chronicle