Thursday, July 26, 2012

Greed and 30 cents

Today I had the McDonald's 6pc Chicken Nuggets and one pack of curry sauce.

I didn't need a 2nd or 3rd packet of sauce. Singaporean are a greedy lot. Why complain about have to pay 30 cents for a 3rd packet of sauce? 2 packets are more than enough.

There was a lady sitting alone beside me. Her age was about 40+. She didn't look like a working person and she only had tea on her table, no food.

That seemed unusual. Then it occurred to me that she was on the phone talking to someone (most likely a friend.

Her husband is having an affair (presumably one of those SME towkay).

Apparently, his defense was that other woman did not demand for anything. Of which the wife pointed out that he already promoted her to a supervisor position. So, that means he screwed one of his workers.

Kinda sad. I feel sorry for her.

Monday, July 23, 2012


Disclaimer No. 1: I think Singaporean journalists are idiots. I'm not sure how many of them studied Journalism in university or if indeed they have a degree at all. In a materialistic society, if you have to take Journalism, you have got to be at the bottom of the barrel.

Disclaimer No. 2: I Fucking hate PRC.

Disclaimer No. 3: Although I'm not a hater of Singaporeans in general, I'm not a big fan either.

Whew.... that's a lot of fucking disclaimers...

The reason for the above is as follows:

Stomp - Singaporean Seen is usually full of crap posted by bored and moronic Singaporeans. I generally read the stuff there when I have nothing better to do at work. It's crap but at least you get a sense of how fucked up this society is.

But then this happens - Stomp which is owned by SPH actually hired some fucking PRC to create content for the fucking site.

Had they created content relating to Singapore, it would've been "arguably ok".

but no, they created content about fucking happenings in PRC for their own fucking people on a website that is SUPPOSED TO BE ABOUT SINGAPORE AND SINGAPOREAN.


See below:

Full Report at

And lo and behold, the Stomp Team actually replied and admitted that they are from China, hired by SPH:

The Stomp Team said, “We are employed by Singapore Press Holdings and yes we are from China. Our goals are not pro-China. We are reporting what is news-worthy and whatever we feel can excite the readers into writing their views [what a fucking PRC moron!!!]. Stomp practises free-will expressions where anyone can write anything. If you have anything you are unhappy about please write to us with your concerns.”

After the revelation that the Stomp Team is from China, the netizens got even angrier:

YellowHat: STOMP Team, FU** the whole team of PRC SH**! We are not interested in the happening in your C*ee by* Hole Country and will care less even if a China made nuclear reactor explode in your shi”"y land!

justathough: SG news should be managed by SG, after all is our home affair. What outsiders know abt home affair? No wonder our SG graduate has difficulty to get a job.
After receiving flak from Singaporean netizens and creating a storm, the Stomp Team then quietly removed their own posting but not before some netizens had taken a screenshot of it (see above picture).


Even as an FT, I find this to be so insensitive by SPH I'm literally lost for words. If this happens in Malaysia, you will already have demo in front of fucking SPH office and burning of PRC flag on the same day.

I think very soon you are going to see Singaporeans clashing with PRCs on the streets in Singapore. Who knows what will happen when you push your own people against the wall like that. Ironically all the ministers are shouting about "integration" on a daily basis and it seems like they are clueless as to what's happening on the ground and what to do about it.

Apparently, this guy is quite popular (the reason of his popularity escapes me), and apparently he will be the next PM of Singapore.

Hmmmm... You just wait and see.