Saturday, October 16, 2010

Perkasa & Nazi

Recently when the new Prime Minister of Malaysia, Najib Razak, started tinkering with the affirmative action policies that has lasted for almost 4 decades. He was NOT proposing to remove NEP, just change some of the ways policies are being implemented.

This is a pragmatic approach. NEP in it's current form has clearly dragged down the economy. I'm not going to discuss it here. You can find a lot of information and commentaries if you google NEP or Malaysia.

Around the same time, there emerged an NGO called Perkasa. It's leader is Ibrahim Ali. If you google "Perkasa" you can read all about this NGO and what they have been up to.

This is what he looks like:

And this is another guy who came before him about fifty years ago:

Yesterday, the German Historical Museum opened a show called “Hitler and the Germans: Nation and Crime.” New York Times did an article on the exhibit. You can read it here.

I want to highlight a few passages here because everyone is saying that we should ignore Ibrahim Ali. That he's nobody. I beg to differ. Given the right condition, the Chinese in Malaysia face a certain fate of gas chambers if we do not actively shut this guy down.

"“This is what we call self-mobilization of society,” said Hans-Ulrich Thamer, one of three curators to assemble the exhibit at the German Historical Museum. “As a person, Hitler was a very ordinary man.  He was nothing without the people.”"

"...the show focuses on the society that nurtured and empowered him. It is not the first time historians have argued that Hitler did not corral the Germans as much as the Germans elevated Hitler. But one curator said the message was arguably more vital for Germany now than at any time in the past six decades, as rising nationalism, more open hostility to immigrants [this is happening in Malaysia too with Ibrahim Ali fanning the hostility] and a generational disconnect from the events of the Nazi era have older Germans concerned about repeating the past."

"“I think if you had someone like him today, it could be very dangerous,” he said halfway through his walk through the displays about Hitler. “There are a lot of people out there who want jobs, who are not happy with the political leadership, who would vote for someone like him if he came along.”" [Doesn't this sound like what's happening in Malaysia?]

"The exhibit explains the early appeal of the Nazis, who demonstrated a keen appreciation for the politics of populism’s creating a sense of unity and purpose: “Attending popular sports events, film premiers, they dedicated autobahns and new industrial builds,” read a display."

"But over and over, the point was spelled out clearly in the exhibit’s plaques like one, near letters written by children who were sent off to concentration camps, that said: “Hitler was able to implement his military and extermination objectives because the military and economic elites were willing to carry out his war.”"

"Mr. Elser was a carpenter who tried to kill Hitler at the outset of the war and was hanged for his actions. His story, however, left some viewers to wonder why their parents and grandparents had not rejected Hitler. Why everyone went mad."

Fellow Malaysians of ALL races, we need to stop this fucker, whatever it takes.

Here's another picture (looks who are the people beside him and what he's holding) ... 


If you are not careful, this is YOUR future: