Wednesday, June 27, 2012

I Also Want To Be Rich

Today I'm very pissed off when I read the news, I found out that:

This fucker chee bai pastor Kong Hee got arrested...

I'm NOT angry

  • because his name is Kong Hee. What kind of fucking stupid name is that? You mean his fucking sister's name is "Huat Chai" isit??
  • that he allegedly stole money which the followers donated...well they fucking deserves each other. The best part is that same followers are still "unwavering" in their support...
  • that there are actually people that believe in his bullshit.... as in "if you give me more money, you'll will be richer.."
  • that he used the money for his wife... the wife is so fucking ugly and was probably butt-fucked by some niggers black person while she was making music videos. Well, they say love is blind, right?

NOW it is soooooooooo much more difficult for ME to start a church... the fucker totally spoils the market for everyone.

This is my wife:


Where am I going to find the money???


Friday, June 8, 2012

The Strange Little Red Dot

Singapore was called a little "Red Dot" because it allegedly acted like an asshole and pissed off some Indonesian.

Anyway, I've lived here almost 5 years and I fucking hated every minute of it, except my MILFy wife and my two "chilwen".

You see this is a country where the police was very quick to arrest the lady who did this:

but of all the police force together cannot catch loan sharks to the extend this happens every fucking day:

This is a country where they say you must pay your civil servants millions of dollars per year


and YET they cannot use all that money to get a prostitute to suck their cock and must ask their supplier to do so.

This is a country where there are miles and miles of highway with thousands of idiotic drivers...

and yet NO traffic police on the road. [Of course this may not be true but I have been driving here for 5 fucking years and I have, NEVER, YES, NEVER seen a TP on the road.]

This is a country where they drive like a fucking lamb on their own roads, and then when they cross over to my country and they drive like it is THEIR GRANFATHER'S ROAD!!!

and when they get caught, they don't want to pay up!!!

Then when their old people need some support, they say:

Not in My Backyard

Do they not realize that they themselves will become old too?

And then they push an old lady off a bus [causing her to fall], they blame it on the fact that

they couldn't find a job [also again it is FT's fault]

in the end, the police let them go!!!!! And these guys as well.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Go where from here?

It is interesting to note that the issue of immigration/FT is continuing to brew a year plus after the GE2011.

I read 2-3 articles today which are typical of the sentiment around the blogsphere.

I think the guy in the second article sums it up pretty well: "We gotta get our act together quickly as patience among Singaporeans is running thin."

I hardly think the gahment really knows what to do with this complex issue. I seriously think that they would have trumpeted their solution by now if they do have one.

Look around you and look at the figures: 1 million fucking PRC (not counting those from other countries) in Singapore. How do you get rid of them? And how many?

50%? That's 500,000 PRC fuckers to send home. Over a period of how long, one year or 5 years? What is the logistics of sending that many PRCs home? What would happen to the economy? How many points of GDP growth is that?

See what I mean? The gahment doesn't know what to so they kinda maintain the status quo with maybe a bit of fine tuning.

But heh, the average Sinkie doesn't not want fine-tuning. They want radical change, substantial change.

However, I also think Sinkies don't have the balls to do anything other than talk/write/complain.

So this paralysis will last how long?