Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Singapore Taxi is more fucked-up than NYC Cab

Just yesterday, the fucking blood-sucking Singapore Taxi company "changed the fare structure". See my earlier post: Comfort My Ass

Of course there are a lot of screaming and yelling, or khao peh khao boo going on.

What surprises me is that people actually accept a peak hour surcharge based on a percentage of the fare, which is 25% for the new structure. This means if your base fare is $20, you pay EXTRA $5 surcharge.

That I think is outrageous.

By comparison, New York which is notorious for expensive cab fare has reasonable surcharges. You know why? Because it is REGULATED!! Let's see below their cab fare structure:

"The meter is required to be engaged or "hired" when a taxicab is occupied by anyone in addition to the driver

Standard City Rate (Rate Code 1)
$2.50 upon entry
$0.40 for each additional unit

The unit fare is:
one-fifth of a mile, when the taxicab is traveling at 6 miles an hour or more; or
60 seconds when not in motion or traveling at less than 12 miles per hour.
The taximeter shall combine fractional measures of distance and time in accruing a unit of fare. Any combination of distance or time shall be computed by the taximeter in accordance with the National Institute of Standards and Technology Handbook 44.
The fare shall include pre-assessment of the unit currently being accrued; the amount due may therefore include a full unit charge for a final, fractional unit.
Night surcharge of $.50 after 8:00 PM & before 6:00 AM
Peak hour Weekday Surcharge of $1.00 Monday - Friday after 4:00 PM & before 8:00 PM
New York State Tax Surcharge of $.50 per ride."

And this is all REGULATED by NYC Taxi and Limousine Commission (TLC).



Yeah, you can say, why take a cab? Buy a car and drive yourself la.

Nabeh, Hum Yee would like to tell you that he drives a car that is priced 5 times more expensive than a similar car in US.

So either way they fuck you up the ass. COCKSUCKERS!

Then you say, take public transport la!

You know why I don't? Because I don't want end up sitting beside you, you stinko fucker!

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