Wednesday, December 28, 2011

"Ponding" is not the same as Fondling.

Hum Yee would like to draw your attention on the two nice round things in the picture below:

They are called breasts or tits.

They are soft and tender which are the next best things to Bak Kut Teh.

The best way to enjoy them is to fondle or caress them. So the way you describe it would be to say: "I'm fondling her tits and I'm getting a woody." [To the cocksucker who clicked on "getting a woody [erection]" on my every blog post, this is the meaning of getting a woody]


Read the article below:

No floods in Orchard Rd, just 'ponding': PUB

Singapore - As heavy rain pelted down on Orchard Road yesterday, Liat Towers activated its S$200,000 flood barrier system. As an added measure, plastic barriers were also distributed. But they proved no match for the floodwaters, as levels reached knee height and poured into the basement-level shops - reminiscent of the scene in June last year when floodwaters last hit the building. Yesterday, some customers even had to form a chain of chairs to get out from one of the affected stores.

Prolonged heavy rain which fell over a three-hour period over the southern and central parts of Singapore resulted in flash floods at numerous areas. Cuscaden Road, Newton Circus, Kampong Java, Lincoln Road, Wee Nam Road, Cambridge Road, the junction of Moulmein and Thomson roads in front of United Square, and the junction of Bukit Timah Road and Sixth Avenue were affected.

Flood waters reached a height of 30cm in some areas and generally subsided within an hour, except at Cambridge Road, Newton Circus and the Moulmein-Thomson junction in front of United Square, where waters subsided by 6pm, said national water agency PUB. "The affected areas are mainly low-lying areas," it added.

While the total recorded rainfall at Orchard Road was 152.8mm, PUB said "there was no flooding at Orchard Road". "However, water ponded at the open area of Liat Towers, the underpass between Lucky Plaza and Ngee Ann City, and the basement of Lucky Plaza due to the sustained heavy downpour," it added.


Hum Yee would like to know: WHAT THE FUCK IS "PONDING"???

Where do I find this word in the dictionary???

My wife always brags about her fucking country being a first world country. And mine, Malaysia, by comparison is a third world country. And mind you, she doesn't even know the definition of either of those terminologies. Don't be stupid ok?

So, is this First World English? Which fucking school did these cocksuckers at PUB go to?

[P.S @ 29/12/2011, my wife from first world country just informed me that there is indeed such a word as "ponding". Motherfucker. That means those cocksuckers from PUB did pass their primary school exams. Damn.]

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