Monday, December 19, 2011

You Don'ch Know How to Siam!!!!

Hum Yee is of the opinion that Singaporeans when facing a crisis do not know how to "Siam", as in "dodging the bullet or passing the buck".

The excuses are very weak and very easily poo-poo'd by people. Watch the video and you will see what I mean. We are not stupid you know? So for example, the CEO said the staff worked throughout the night for 3 nights [pay attention on her expression when she said that].... I say so what?

Then the MSM went and interview some cocksucker who says the CEO should not resign. And they chose this cocksucker, typical Sinkie fuck-face, to say so. Is THAT representative of the Singaporean public? Do you think that little boy with small dick who can't speak properly is the authoritative voice to forgive the CEO? What kind of journalism is that?

So, rather than very poorly trying to make excuses, WHY don't you guys just totally deny responsibility? Then you wouldn't have to make excuses for the fuck-up, would you?

You guys should learn from Malaysia.

If this happens in Malaysia, the Minister will come out and say that is an act of GOD and that will be the end of story. Hahahaha. Malaysia Boleh. Singapura Tak Boleh.

P.S. For you cocksuckers who complain that she's from Malaysia/mudland (i.e. implying this wouldn't have happened if a Singaporean is in charged... yadda yadda yadda), Hum Yee says, fuck you; she's yours now. Who ask you to give her passport??? Huh? Cocksuckers.

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