Wednesday, April 3, 2013


I, HUM YEE, pledge allegiance to the flag of  MALAYSIA, and to the COUNTRY for which it stands, one Nation indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

I will do what I can in my duty as a voter to bring down BARISAN NATIONAL, particularly UMNO, to it's knee.

I will cast my vote together with 13.3 million Malaysians in the coming days to say NO to the bunch of thugs that had been raping my country for the last 50 years.

The first thing the new government should do is to take Tun Fucking Mahathir to the Merdeka Square and put a bullet in his head.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Who is Singapore?????

I know, I know. You are going to say, it should be "what is Singapore?"

Let me explain, there must have been a time when someone, most likely your stupid wife, talk shit with you acting mighty and holy, right?

You know what you gonna say right? "Who the fuck do you think you are?", am I correct or am I correct?

Hence the title above when I read that Singapore is planning to import more foreign talents to push the population to 7 million people. That's not the reason for the title above.

But check this out....

  1. We want to bring ONLY PMET that we consider worthy to this fucked up crowded shithole with COE of S$100,000. Yeah we want to pick and choose. But then who the fuck wants to come????
  2. One blogger says "yeah, we can bring them in, but ONLY if they pay a lot of taxes so that it will support our old people, if not they should LEAVE!" Yeah, lots of people grow up in other parts of the world dreaming that some day they can come to Singapore to toil so that some fucking heartland ah pek can sit in food court 10am in the morning, drink beer, and talk like an idiot?? With the money from taxes they pay?? Yeah, I'm almost ready to say it.
  3. My fucking Singaporean wife is so fucking proud of this shithole and she constantly screams "fucking go back to KL!!!" "You fucking complain about my country" totally forgeting that her own fucking countrymen say way way worse shit about this shithole.
  4.  Oh we must force the PRs to choose between converting to Citizen or being forced to leave!! Are you fuckers so heartless?? How about you go fuck yourselves?
  5. Singapore announced that they will do MORE landfill to create more space for the 7 million people, totally forgeting that the sea belongs to all of us and not some selfish sinkie pricks. And quite frankly, by the time you're done with the reclaim land shit, you would have fucking reach Indonesia!! That is so fucking smart because it makes it easier for Indonesia to fucking invade you and drive their tanks across.
So, finally, I say, who the fuck do you think you are?

P.S. continuing...

Anyway, I was just ranting yesterday because I was pissed off with my wife.

But seriously, you know Sinkies look down upon Malaysian always saying that they are better than us. But in truth, they ain't any smarter.

You know, Tokyo has more than 10 million people, and I have never felt that it was "crowded" everywhere. At Shinjuku station, yes, but not everywhere.

Their train stations are looooong. You stand on one end and you can't see the other end even when the platform is empty. Sinkie MRT station is designed for something like 6- 8 carriages ONLY.

Now they are totally fucked liao. How to increase capacity??? They CANNOT lengthened the station. They literally have to tear down the whole station and rebuild in order to have a longer platform. And some stations like Buona Vista station took like years and years to complete and you think they will tear it down and rebuild?? Fuck no!!!

So, knowing that their infrastructure is so fucked up..... WHY they still want to increase to 7 million?? I mean how fucking stupid are they?

Thank goodness, by then I will be sitting in my bungalow somewhere in Melaka or Ipoh drinking a cold beer enjoying the breeze. [With my CPF money withdrawn after giving up my PR]

And you know what, I think Malaysia should cancel the Malaysia My 2nd Home Program. If not the Sinkies will all go over there and fucking mess up the traffic with their retarded driving.