Monday, October 27, 2014


Just came back from a week of holiday. While on holiday, I only looked at my work email twice and replied to 1-2 emails.

The rest of the time I just resisted to "work", otherwise what is the point of having a holiday, right?

And this holiday really gave me some time to think about how much longer I want to work.

I'm not really that old to retire right now but at the same time I feel I am a bit too old to change job.

But I'm beginning to not enjoy the work that I do now. If I continue in this job, the next 2-3 years are going to be very challenging and totally not fun. Yeah I know, work is not supposed to be fun, but you know what I mean.

I am not ready to retire now and sit at home and do nothing though. My finance is not super great but I can afford not to work.

What should I do?


Thursday, October 16, 2014

Food Review: Hong Kong Jin Tien

Hong Kong Jin Tien

It been a while since I did a food review so I guess this is a good time to do another.

I always said that Singapore food is really shitty. That is true in general terms. However, there are some places that are really good that I would go back over and over again.

I have a weakness for roast duck. Even though I am hokkien but I lived in KL for so many years I might as well be considered half cantonese. Actually, I am half hokkien, one quarter cantonese, and one quarter Hakka.

Singapore are full of hokkiens and teo chews. And people from both dialects generally cook shitty food. But not the cantonese, these people are dead serious above their food.

There are quite a lot of Cantonese around the Tiong Bahru area. Further down the road towards Zouk, you will find some shop houses. That's where I found HK Jin Tien.

They are situated opposite Great World City Mall on Zion Road, a couple of doors away from Pepperoni.

When a restaurant's name has got the word "HK" in it, it is safe to say that you will have no problem if you order your food in Cantonese. The old lady ask me what I wanted in Mandarin but I replied in Cantonese. The service level went up a few notches right away. I was like "shee fook sai".

So for those sinkie cocksuckers, please learn a bit of cantonese before you come to this shop.

I ordered roast duck and sausage. If you are a Hong Kong style restaurant and if your roast ducks taste anything less than heavenly, I think you should just go and fucking kill yourself. Because you would be a disgrace to the whole Cantonese community in this world. It is worse, if you're a fucking hokkien in Sinkieland, put a sign board that says "HK something something" and then serve like really shitty roast duck, then you should be raped in your ass with a baseball bat. I fucking kid you not. Lei mah ka lo fa hai.

The two most important parts of roast duck are the breast and the thigh. I ordered the thigh.

Oh, man. It was good!!! Nay, it was mother fucking great. I would have to say it is the SECOND BEST roast duck in the whole of fucking Singapore. and yes, I have tried A LOT of them.

I will not tell you where you can find the BEST roast duck in the whole Singapore. Then every weekend I will have to queue behind some stupid sinkie cocksuckers before I get to my favorite roast duck thigh.

The skin was thin and light. There was just a nice layer of fat below the skin. Not too fat and it was not dry. I fucking hate roast duck skin that is dry. That means you kung fu is not good enough that you allowed the skin to go dry.

The thigh meat was soft and succulent. The taste just exploads in your mouth. This comes from pure skill. You can't fucking produce this if you are not a fucking sifu!!!

Don't eat so much of the rice. Ideally, you shoul finish at least 3/4 of the thigh before you even start eating the rice.

I took this picture with my iPhone so it really doesn't do it justice. [The ironlady cocksucker blogger can suck my dick and call me daddy. Chao Hai. What kind of shitty name is that? Is he a fucking tranny?]

Anyway, the sausage on the other hand was just alright.  A bit too dry but still tasty.

The lady owner sat down at my table and we started talking. Why? Because I am handsome, you cocksucker.

Apparently, they just opened at this location. They used to be at the TB Wet market for many years.

I took the opportunity to ask her something that I couldn't explain since I came to Singapore.

Why is it that you can find lots of roast duck but you can't find roast goose??

I wanted to know because there's this one restaurant in KL (Somewhere in Pudu, but parking is so tight that it is like fucking a duck in the ass, without lubes... that's how fucking bad the the parking situation] that serves both. And it is a real treat to have both in the same meal. I can't explain it, you got to try it and figure out for yourselve.

Anyway, she explained to me that sinkie cocksuckers don't know how to raise goose. In fact, I believe if you ask any sinkie on the street if they have ever seen a real goose, maybe one in 2 million would say yes. This is how fucked up sinkies are. And they still fucking think they are a jem compared to Malaysian? Go figure right?

She told me that the goose you can find in Sinkieland is only as big as a duck. And that's not going to work because you need a good size goose to make a nice roast goose.

Those that are big enough come from, you guessed it, MALAYSIA. So, sinkie cocksuckers can kiss my ass.

Also, she said the goose from Malaysia is so expensive that it is almost the same price as a suckling pig. So no one, particularly cheapskate sinkies, would pay that kind of price for roast goose no matter how tasty it is.

The price at this place is not cheap though. I had duck thigh + sausage with barley ice and the bill came up to S$13.80.

I will be back. That's for sure.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Just a few things....

Ok, so I am feeling a bit disorganized so I'm just going to simple write, all over the place, with no directions ---- just like the government of Singapore and Malaysia.


A) Some cocksuckers are trying to find out my true indentity. Nice try buddy.

If the security agencies or Ministry of Home Affairs of either or both of Singapore and Malaysia are monitoring this insignificant blog and trying to put me in jail, or at least ask me go and Lim Kopi or do some shit to me like water boarding...

She is soooooo hot, I wanna fuck her in the ass.

Let me tell you guys (meaning the Special Branch, cops, and Wet Job guys) a few things so that we can clear things up.
    "YOU PENDATANG. You go back to China!!!"
    1.    I am NOT a terrorist.
    2.    I do not aspire to be a politician.
    3.    I do not have a cause, social or political.
    4.    I am just a loud mouth with a wicked sense of humor and anti-establishment leaning.
    5.    Yes, I am a racist, well sometimes, but I am not like Ibrahim Ali who pretty much wants to wipe out the whole Chinese community. Look at the picture above and you will know what I mean.
This is his friend. He was quite famous you know?

So I think you guys should stop wasting your time and try to track me down and go and catch some real bad guys. OK?

B) Some random pictures about stupid sinkies:

The most beautiful MILF in Singapore. I hope my wife doesn't see this post.

Ugly sinkies with no kids

Ugly sinkies with ugly kids

Why the fuck is she sticking her tongue out?  
Did she just give a blowjob to a cockroach?

Ugly sinkie who are not hungry but queue up to buy food anyway.

 Ugly Sinkie with NO TALENT!!!


She is fucking hot right? She is NOT sinkie. That's why. I wanna fucking eat her pussy all night long.
I really fucking hope my wife doesn't read this post. She is going to cut my dick off.

C) I was getting a hair cut just now in one of those quick hair cut shop. They have one of these little TV in front of your seat and shows tv ads.

The ad from a tuition centre came on, and pridictably with a picture of a fucking ugly sinkie..

It  says: "If you can study less and still get Grade "A", why suffer and study more?"

This sinkie cocksucker's (who is a manace of society) message is:
  1. You suffer if you study.
  2. To study is not to gain knowledge but to get good grades.
  3. You must do the least work to get the same thing.
  4. If you don't have to study, even better.
  5. Singapore must pass a law to close ALL THE SCHOOLS and every fucking sinkie retards should be given a "Grade A"

Let's face it, if my teacher is fucking ugly like this, I will fucking purposely fail so that I don't have to see her fucking face every day.

I hope my wife doesn't fucking read this post.

This one also can.

 This one also can.

This one also can.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

I'm back!!!!

Oh it's been a while.... well a long while.

I have been so busy busy with working. And my MD is such a Japanese asshole who left me to do all the work and only knows how to got to nite clubs and "entertain".

Anyway, that's another story.

Back home in Malaysia, fucking Melayu are pushing and pushing, driving up the hatred.

That is the picture of Hitler.

Look at all those asshole with dark glasses!!!

Takda kerja ka???

See here. Oh they are deparate now....