Friday, October 10, 2014

Just a few things....

Ok, so I am feeling a bit disorganized so I'm just going to simple write, all over the place, with no directions ---- just like the government of Singapore and Malaysia.


A) Some cocksuckers are trying to find out my true indentity. Nice try buddy.

If the security agencies or Ministry of Home Affairs of either or both of Singapore and Malaysia are monitoring this insignificant blog and trying to put me in jail, or at least ask me go and Lim Kopi or do some shit to me like water boarding...

She is soooooo hot, I wanna fuck her in the ass.

Let me tell you guys (meaning the Special Branch, cops, and Wet Job guys) a few things so that we can clear things up.
    "YOU PENDATANG. You go back to China!!!"
    1.    I am NOT a terrorist.
    2.    I do not aspire to be a politician.
    3.    I do not have a cause, social or political.
    4.    I am just a loud mouth with a wicked sense of humor and anti-establishment leaning.
    5.    Yes, I am a racist, well sometimes, but I am not like Ibrahim Ali who pretty much wants to wipe out the whole Chinese community. Look at the picture above and you will know what I mean.
This is his friend. He was quite famous you know?

So I think you guys should stop wasting your time and try to track me down and go and catch some real bad guys. OK?

B) Some random pictures about stupid sinkies:

The most beautiful MILF in Singapore. I hope my wife doesn't see this post.

Ugly sinkies with no kids

Ugly sinkies with ugly kids

Why the fuck is she sticking her tongue out?  
Did she just give a blowjob to a cockroach?

Ugly sinkie who are not hungry but queue up to buy food anyway.

 Ugly Sinkie with NO TALENT!!!


She is fucking hot right? She is NOT sinkie. That's why. I wanna fucking eat her pussy all night long.
I really fucking hope my wife doesn't read this post. She is going to cut my dick off.

C) I was getting a hair cut just now in one of those quick hair cut shop. They have one of these little TV in front of your seat and shows tv ads.

The ad from a tuition centre came on, and pridictably with a picture of a fucking ugly sinkie..

It  says: "If you can study less and still get Grade "A", why suffer and study more?"

This sinkie cocksucker's (who is a manace of society) message is:
  1. You suffer if you study.
  2. To study is not to gain knowledge but to get good grades.
  3. You must do the least work to get the same thing.
  4. If you don't have to study, even better.
  5. Singapore must pass a law to close ALL THE SCHOOLS and every fucking sinkie retards should be given a "Grade A"

Let's face it, if my teacher is fucking ugly like this, I will fucking purposely fail so that I don't have to see her fucking face every day.

I hope my wife doesn't fucking read this post.

This one also can.

 This one also can.

This one also can.