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Just Don't Fucking Drive!!!

Whenever I want to feel superior about myself, I only need to go to the Singaporean "mycar' forum.

This is an example of what I'm talking about:

you know how you reduce wear and tear?


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Driving an old coe Honda currently.
Always had these questions in mind so perhaps someone can clarify my doubts.
I've tried searching through this forum but to no avail.
Please pardon my inexperience or ignorance, if any.

1. Is it true that changing gears too quickly (i.e. at low rpms) will shorten the life of the gearbox?
If that's the case, wont I have to rev to higher rpms, so as to preserve the gearbox?
2. If i constantly rev at higher rpms, wont i cause more wear and tear to the engine?
3. What is the definition of 'dragging gear'?
to constantly drive at high rpms without changing gear or to drive at a high gear at low speeds and low rpm?

Question 3 is due to me reading other forums on this wear and tear issue, and different ppl giving different definitions. Duno which to believe.
I used to think that dragging gear means low gear high rpm.

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