Monday, May 9, 2011

Singapore's GE just over - some random thoughts by an FT (Foreign Talent)

Just this past weekend, Singapore had a general election.

Look at this cocksucker below. No, he wasn't a candidate. His boss, George Yeo, was. More on George later.

His name is Bilahari Kausikan  (Second Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Foreign Affairs). It sounded a lot like "Kao Si Kuan". In Cantonese, this means: "Shit Stirring Stick", as in someone who likes to stir things up and cause trouble. 

According to Wikileaks, the cocksucker reportedly told US Deputy Secretary of Defence for East Asia David Sedney described in a cable dated September 2008 that: "A lack of competent leadership is a real problem for Malaysia."

Below is Ms. Tin Pei Ling, she was just voted in this weekend as a member of parliament.

Would Mr. Bila-You-Tongeng-Saya-Fuck-Face care to comment on the quality of the leadership in the parliament of Singapore??? "I don't know what to say???"

This is George Yeo. He was the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Is he using the Shaolin Tiger Claw technique?

George was voted out as an MP which means he cannot be Foreign Minister anymore. I guess he needs to practice more on his kungfu. Maybe we can now get more money selling water to Singapore... just kidding.

This is a scary thought: Will Bila-Fuck-Face become the acting Minister of Foreign Affairs?

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