Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Singaporean politicians and their standard of English.

Please read the statement below:

Response to Online Slander that Aljunied PAP team is not compassionate

by Aljunied GRC on Wednesday, May 4, 2011 at 10:44am
We wish to clarify on the slander that has been viralling online, particularly on the accusation that we had pressed charges on a helpless, mentally handicapped resident who came to MPS in Serangoon North and slammed a chair on the door.

We were wrongly accused that not only that we had not been compassionate, also that we had pressed charges against the poor boy. We didn't press charges. The mother and son have been coming to MPS regularly and we had been helping them to get financial aids. We had continued to help after the incident and we will continue doing so.

We would like to urge residents and grassroots leaders to look out for those who require assistance but are hesitating to come forward to ask for help.

Now what the fuck is "viralling"? Hey I did my spell-check and all and I can't find diddly squat . "Viral" or "Virus" is not even a verb! So how the fuck did it all of a sudden have the right to have an "ing"??? 

Wouldn't it be better to say "spreading like virus" or "has gone viral"? Or better yet, use a standard term like "spreading like wild fire"?

Now what the fuck is "viralling"? You wonder why they lost.

Hey, I'm not an English professor but I can still structure a sentence properly. Sorry to say, Singaporean politicians are not much better than those assholes in UMNO, at least when it comes to expressing themselves.

Disclaimer: I'm an FT. I'm not meddling in your politics. I'm commenting on the English, not the politics.

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