Saturday, December 22, 2012

I'm back

Wow, it has been a long time since my last blog post...

been really busy...

some random thought:

  1. Been promoted to manage business for 3 countries... heavy responsibilities but never been happier.
  2. If i ever complain about traffic in Singapore, someone please remind me of traffic in Jakarta... it is total madness...
  3. Still I hate fucking living in Singapore where I have to pay S$80,000 for just the COE. That is stupid and it really piss me off.
  4. I read about the woman that gave blowjobs just to win a contract for a few hundred K. That's just poor business development and closing skill. Fuck, for that size of contract, it only warrants a nice dinner.
  5. There were a lot of news that happened in the last six months that I wanna comment but no time...
  6. But if you see what has happened in totality, I can only say Singapore is becoming a fucked up country. Not as bad as a banana republic, but certainly not as highly regarded as before, especially the non-corruption part. 
  7. Year end is approaching... this year has been fruitful and generally happy.
  8. So I count my blessings... my knuckle head wife and my two funny children.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Greed and 30 cents

Today I had the McDonald's 6pc Chicken Nuggets and one pack of curry sauce.

I didn't need a 2nd or 3rd packet of sauce. Singaporean are a greedy lot. Why complain about have to pay 30 cents for a 3rd packet of sauce? 2 packets are more than enough.

There was a lady sitting alone beside me. Her age was about 40+. She didn't look like a working person and she only had tea on her table, no food.

That seemed unusual. Then it occurred to me that she was on the phone talking to someone (most likely a friend.

Her husband is having an affair (presumably one of those SME towkay).

Apparently, his defense was that other woman did not demand for anything. Of which the wife pointed out that he already promoted her to a supervisor position. So, that means he screwed one of his workers.

Kinda sad. I feel sorry for her.

Monday, July 23, 2012


Disclaimer No. 1: I think Singaporean journalists are idiots. I'm not sure how many of them studied Journalism in university or if indeed they have a degree at all. In a materialistic society, if you have to take Journalism, you have got to be at the bottom of the barrel.

Disclaimer No. 2: I Fucking hate PRC.

Disclaimer No. 3: Although I'm not a hater of Singaporeans in general, I'm not a big fan either.

Whew.... that's a lot of fucking disclaimers...

The reason for the above is as follows:

Stomp - Singaporean Seen is usually full of crap posted by bored and moronic Singaporeans. I generally read the stuff there when I have nothing better to do at work. It's crap but at least you get a sense of how fucked up this society is.

But then this happens - Stomp which is owned by SPH actually hired some fucking PRC to create content for the fucking site.

Had they created content relating to Singapore, it would've been "arguably ok".

but no, they created content about fucking happenings in PRC for their own fucking people on a website that is SUPPOSED TO BE ABOUT SINGAPORE AND SINGAPOREAN.


See below:

Full Report at

And lo and behold, the Stomp Team actually replied and admitted that they are from China, hired by SPH:

The Stomp Team said, “We are employed by Singapore Press Holdings and yes we are from China. Our goals are not pro-China. We are reporting what is news-worthy and whatever we feel can excite the readers into writing their views [what a fucking PRC moron!!!]. Stomp practises free-will expressions where anyone can write anything. If you have anything you are unhappy about please write to us with your concerns.”

After the revelation that the Stomp Team is from China, the netizens got even angrier:

YellowHat: STOMP Team, FU** the whole team of PRC SH**! We are not interested in the happening in your C*ee by* Hole Country and will care less even if a China made nuclear reactor explode in your shi”"y land!

justathough: SG news should be managed by SG, after all is our home affair. What outsiders know abt home affair? No wonder our SG graduate has difficulty to get a job.
After receiving flak from Singaporean netizens and creating a storm, the Stomp Team then quietly removed their own posting but not before some netizens had taken a screenshot of it (see above picture).


Even as an FT, I find this to be so insensitive by SPH I'm literally lost for words. If this happens in Malaysia, you will already have demo in front of fucking SPH office and burning of PRC flag on the same day.

I think very soon you are going to see Singaporeans clashing with PRCs on the streets in Singapore. Who knows what will happen when you push your own people against the wall like that. Ironically all the ministers are shouting about "integration" on a daily basis and it seems like they are clueless as to what's happening on the ground and what to do about it.

Apparently, this guy is quite popular (the reason of his popularity escapes me), and apparently he will be the next PM of Singapore.

Hmmmm... You just wait and see.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

I Also Want To Be Rich

Today I'm very pissed off when I read the news, I found out that:

This fucker chee bai pastor Kong Hee got arrested...

I'm NOT angry

  • because his name is Kong Hee. What kind of fucking stupid name is that? You mean his fucking sister's name is "Huat Chai" isit??
  • that he allegedly stole money which the followers donated...well they fucking deserves each other. The best part is that same followers are still "unwavering" in their support...
  • that there are actually people that believe in his bullshit.... as in "if you give me more money, you'll will be richer.."
  • that he used the money for his wife... the wife is so fucking ugly and was probably butt-fucked by some niggers black person while she was making music videos. Well, they say love is blind, right?

NOW it is soooooooooo much more difficult for ME to start a church... the fucker totally spoils the market for everyone.

This is my wife:


Where am I going to find the money???


Friday, June 8, 2012

The Strange Little Red Dot

Singapore was called a little "Red Dot" because it allegedly acted like an asshole and pissed off some Indonesian.

Anyway, I've lived here almost 5 years and I fucking hated every minute of it, except my MILFy wife and my two "chilwen".

You see this is a country where the police was very quick to arrest the lady who did this:

but of all the police force together cannot catch loan sharks to the extend this happens every fucking day:

This is a country where they say you must pay your civil servants millions of dollars per year


and YET they cannot use all that money to get a prostitute to suck their cock and must ask their supplier to do so.

This is a country where there are miles and miles of highway with thousands of idiotic drivers...

and yet NO traffic police on the road. [Of course this may not be true but I have been driving here for 5 fucking years and I have, NEVER, YES, NEVER seen a TP on the road.]

This is a country where they drive like a fucking lamb on their own roads, and then when they cross over to my country and they drive like it is THEIR GRANFATHER'S ROAD!!!

and when they get caught, they don't want to pay up!!!

Then when their old people need some support, they say:

Not in My Backyard

Do they not realize that they themselves will become old too?

And then they push an old lady off a bus [causing her to fall], they blame it on the fact that

they couldn't find a job [also again it is FT's fault]

in the end, the police let them go!!!!! And these guys as well.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Go where from here?

It is interesting to note that the issue of immigration/FT is continuing to brew a year plus after the GE2011.

I read 2-3 articles today which are typical of the sentiment around the blogsphere.

I think the guy in the second article sums it up pretty well: "We gotta get our act together quickly as patience among Singaporeans is running thin."

I hardly think the gahment really knows what to do with this complex issue. I seriously think that they would have trumpeted their solution by now if they do have one.

Look around you and look at the figures: 1 million fucking PRC (not counting those from other countries) in Singapore. How do you get rid of them? And how many?

50%? That's 500,000 PRC fuckers to send home. Over a period of how long, one year or 5 years? What is the logistics of sending that many PRCs home? What would happen to the economy? How many points of GDP growth is that?

See what I mean? The gahment doesn't know what to so they kinda maintain the status quo with maybe a bit of fine tuning.

But heh, the average Sinkie doesn't not want fine-tuning. They want radical change, substantial change.

However, I also think Sinkies don't have the balls to do anything other than talk/write/complain.

So this paralysis will last how long?

Thursday, May 10, 2012

FT and Job Market in Singapore

Yesterday I hired an engineer. This is a guy with a master's degree. And mind you, his degree is not from some charpalang place ok?

His master degree is from this first world country called Singapore. NTU no less.

So guess how much is he willing to accept?

S$3,500.00 per month. Since he will be on EP, there is no CPF contribution. In that sense, he is equivalent to a Singaporean that is asking for a salary of S$3,000.00.

So which Sinkie with a Master's from NTU is willing to work for S$3K? I think ZERO! Maybe the argument is valid that the system is working against the competitiveness of a local.

However, local Sinkie PMET need not worry so much about PRC shitbags. I interviewed another engineer that same day. The asshole was arrogant, can't speak English for fuck, and when told that we were not interested in him, walked off nonchalantly.

So fuck PRCs.

Speaking of which.... often when PRC have a fight with Sinkie locals in those online forums, fucking PRCs love to say, please remember where your ancestors came from! Don't be rude to Mother China.

I'd say: "

  1. Fuck you and all the shitbags in China.
  2. My ancestors don't know YOUR ancestor's so what the fuck has that got to do with anything??
  3. My ancestors are ALL DEAD!! So, let's move on. [I love this all-emcompassing "let's-move-on" shit.]
  4. If that is the logic of your fucking peasant PRC mentality, then it is also true that you fuckers share the same ancestry with fucking chimpanzees in Africa!!! So, why don't you fucking go and live in Congo, you fucking trash." 
Lastly, I went into Esso to pay for my petrol this morning. I said: "Pump No.5". The PRC bitch started speaking Mandarin with me.

So I asked her in English:"Why the fuck are you speaking Mandarin to me???"

Then she quickly switch to broken English. I wanted to add "this is not fucking China" but then I thought no need la. She got the message.

The point is you have to confront them every time a fucking PRC acts like an asshole. Otherwise, they will think, we have 6 billion people, so we should rule the world. 

You see... not all FTs are bad. This FT support Sinkies. Hehehehe.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Friday, April 27, 2012

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Just Don't Fucking Drive!!!

Whenever I want to feel superior about myself, I only need to go to the Singaporean "mycar' forum.

This is an example of what I'm talking about:

you know how you reduce wear and tear?


Poker post Today, 02:43 PM  
Post #1

2nd Gear
Posts: 170
Warn: ----- 

Driving an old coe Honda currently.
Always had these questions in mind so perhaps someone can clarify my doubts.
I've tried searching through this forum but to no avail.
Please pardon my inexperience or ignorance, if any.

1. Is it true that changing gears too quickly (i.e. at low rpms) will shorten the life of the gearbox?
If that's the case, wont I have to rev to higher rpms, so as to preserve the gearbox?
2. If i constantly rev at higher rpms, wont i cause more wear and tear to the engine?
3. What is the definition of 'dragging gear'?
to constantly drive at high rpms without changing gear or to drive at a high gear at low speeds and low rpm?

Question 3 is due to me reading other forums on this wear and tear issue, and different ppl giving different definitions. Duno which to believe.
I used to think that dragging gear means low gear high rpm.

"Being second is to be the first of the ones who lose."
Ayrton Senna

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sweetheart, I oso want a day off!

This news is not relevant to me.

We don't have a maid.

I am THE MAID in the house. And I have a FULL TIME JOB!!!

I wash the dishes, mob the floor, clean BOTH toilets, ALL the DIY stuff, throw out the trash, drive the car, etc.

My wife on the other hand, watches YouTube, surf forums, play with the dogs, SLEEPS [ALLTHE TIME!!!].

If if I can do ALL OF THE ABOVE, then why do all the Singaporean cocksuckers CANNOT go one day a week without a maid.

[So what if on that off-day she's sucking the cock of a bangla construction worker? Would you rather she sucks YOUR HUSBAND's cock???]

This is because Singaporean cocksuckers think that:

1) If I pay you a few hundred dollars a month means I fucking own your ass. It means not only you have to work 16 hours a day, 7 days a week. IT ALSO means after you're done cleaning my house, you will have to clean the houses of my sister, brother, in-laws, best-friend, and my immediate superior at work, ALL IN THE SAME WEEK.

2) If you are from the following countries: PRC, India, all of South China and all other Southeast Asian countries, we [the people from the tiny red dot] are more superior than you. Therefore, WE'RE FULL JUSTIFIED in doing the above (1).

3) We are fucking lazy and we only want to stuff our fucking face with cheap sushi and then go queue up to bet on Toto/4-D/a football team other than the Singapore National Team.

4) Yeah, on the other hand, we Singaporeans are not shit-heads. We know how you FTs feel about being exploited. Now, that you've oredi done the kao-peh-kao-boo'ing, LET'S MOVE ON, ok? [I love this all-ecompassing "Let's move on" shit.]

So, Sweetheart [speaking to my Singaporean wife now].... can I have my Sunday off? I want to go Dempsey Road. [If you're fucking Pinoy, of course you go Lucky Plaza la; but me? I got CLASS man..]

Singapore to require 1 day off a week for maids
SINGAPORE (AP) — Maids in Singapore will soon get something that many people around the world take for granted: a day off.
Starting next year, maids must receive one day off a week or additional compensation to work that day, Manpower Minister Tan Chuan-Jin told Parliament late Monday.
Worker and human-rights groups praised the change Tuesday, saying it will bring Singapore closer to international labor norms.
"We are happy to note that Singapore is taking a significant step forward toward matching domestic laws and policies with international labor standards," Trina Liang Lin, president of the Singapore Committee for U.N. Women, said in a statement. "It is simply the right thing to do."
About one in five Singapore households has a full-time, live-in maid.
Rights groups have urged the government to bolster safeguards for the city-state's 206,000 domestic workers, who mostly come from Indonesia, the Philippines, Sri Lanka and India. Employers are not currently legally required to give domestic workers any days off, while local and non-maid foreign workers are allowed at least one day off a week.
Tan said the new rules would be applied to all maid contracts that begin after Jan. 1, 2013. Rights groups called for the day off to be implemented immediately.
"The Singaporean government's recognition of a weekly rest day as a basic labor right will make the lives of migrant domestic workers better," said Nisha Varia, senior women's rights researcher at U.S.-based Human Rights Watch. "But this important reform should go into effect this year and apply to all domestic workers and their current contracts."
Rights groups were also concerned that employers will be able to pay maids one day's wages to work on a day off, if maids agree. Workers who are not maids are entitled to two days' salary for working on a day off.
Employers can cancel a maid's contract at any time without cause, and some employers may threaten maids to accept extra pay instead of taking a day off, said the Singapore-based Humanitarian Organization for Migration Economics, or HOME.
Tan told Parliament that some families said they were against giving maids days off because they could socialize and become pregnant during their free time.
"Some employers felt that their maids don't need a rest day because they have enough rest on a daily basis, or that giving maids a weekly rest day will make it difficult for employers to cope when they need a break during their own days off," Tan said. "One oft-repeated concern is the fear that maids will misbehave or become less compliant as a result."
One employer told the Straits Times newspaper that she would seek to pay her maid the extra day's wages rather than allow her to take a day off.
"This is bad news for women who are working," said 49-year-old mother of four children Poon Boon Eng, according to the paper. "If I let her go out four days a month, it will be very hectic for me. I need to rest on Sunday too."
Tan said the lack of days off in Singapore had made the country a less attractive place than Hong Kong or Taiwan for domestic workers to work.
According to a Manpower Ministry study, most employers give maids at least one day off a month, but many do not give any days off, Tan said.
"Many women in such situations find it difficult to cope with the social isolation and demands of the job," said HOME, which provides legal advice and consulting services to maids. "As a result, many of them suffer from anxiety, depression and loneliness."
Singapore media often chronicle stories of maids who are physically and verbally abused by employers, which sometimes leads to violence by maids against employers.
"We need to treat our foreign labor force decently," Tan said. "There's a minority of irresponsible employers who flout the rules and mistreat their foreign workers. These incidents get amplified, whether in mainstream media or social media. We will take action against such employers."
The change to the labor law must be approved by Parliament. It is expected to pass because the government holds the vast majority of seats.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Can you see my dick?

Why are we ashamed of our body and sexuality?

I often jack off in my living room. And I have absolutely no problem if my neighbor gets to see my schlong.

So, I'm pretty shocked to read the news below. Not because scams like these exist and that people do fall for it.

  1. A 22 year old boy has got close to $100,000 cash?
  2. He gave it away because someone threatened to put a video of his masturbation online?
Heck, if I got that kind of dough... 
  1. I would fly to London, Paris, NY, and pay for the best pussy anyone can buy.
  2. Withdraw all the cash from the bank, spread it allover my bed, lie on them and jack off. Make a video and post it on porn tube MYSELF!!!
So what I said in my previous post [click here] is completely spot on.


Six arrested over webcam love scam

POLICE have busted an Internet love-scam syndicate comprising six individuals who allegedly extorted about $100,000 from at least five victims by threatening to circulate compromising videos of them.
The suspects, comprising three men and three women aged between 17 and 47, were nabbed yesterday at a flat in Marsiling - from which their illicit operations are believed to have been carried out - and in the vicinity of Ang Mo Kio.
Among them was a couple - a 22-year-old man and a 17-year-old girl - believed to be the masterminds of the syndicate.
Items such as laptops, mobile phones, ATM cards, Internet-banking devices and bank books were also seized.
During a press conference held yesterday at the police headquarters in New Phoenix Park, Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) Aileen Yap, who is deputy head of investigation at Ang Mo Kio Police Division, said that the "female subject would befriend potential victims online and gain their trust through chats".
This was conducted on popular Internet website, where webcam chats would take place between them.
Once a victim's trust had been gained, the suspect would undress to persuade the male victim to strip in front of the webcam. The suspect would then record it, DSP Yap added.
The suspect would then threaten to circulate the footage online unless the victim transferred money to her.
The scam came to light after a 22-year-old man lodged a police report on Sunday, after being scammed of at least $97,000 over a nine-month period.
The victim had made more than 80 transactions during that time to various bank accounts provided by the suspects.
The police said two other scam reports made in February last year and early this month may be linked to the same syndicate, but at least two other victims have yet to make reports.
If convicted, the suspects face a jail term of up to seven years, along with caning for the male suspects.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Yes, Malaysia Boleh

There wasn't much to blog about recently.

I didn't care about some local Singaporean MP got caught fucking his party mate. Nor I cared about some minister sending lawyer letter to another blogger.

What I still care about is being pissed of by some arrogant fucking sinkie.

The other day, I got an email from a supplier require us all sorts of conditions before they sell their fucking product to us. The email was obviously sent by a local Singaporean cocksucker even though the company is European.

The email ended: "... yadda, yadda, yadda, otherwise we would [it should be we "will", fucktard!] disqualify you [sic] doing business with us."

And this was the first ever email the fucker sent to my company. I was like "fuck you too, bro."

I fucking hate dealing with Singaporeans. Why do you cocksuckers constantly need to be a hater?

So it is with no small pleasure, I read the following news:

Malaysians are more satisfied in bed than Singaporeans

PETALING JAYA - Malaysians are more satisfied in bed compared to their neighbours across the Causeway.
A Durex Sexual Well-Being Global Survey found that Malaysians were also doing well in making their partners happy, with 89 per cent of men and 81 per cent of women saying their partners were good at giving them sexual pleasure.
All was not well in Singapore, according to the survey, with only 54 per cent of men and 62 per cent of women saying their partners were giving them pleasurable sex.
"Singapore is amongst the countries in Asia having the second lowest scores in this area," [You know why? Because you guys are fucking assholes and your women are fucking ugly [except my wife]]Durex said in a statement yesterday.