Monday, June 4, 2012

Go where from here?

It is interesting to note that the issue of immigration/FT is continuing to brew a year plus after the GE2011.

I read 2-3 articles today which are typical of the sentiment around the blogsphere.

I think the guy in the second article sums it up pretty well: "We gotta get our act together quickly as patience among Singaporeans is running thin."

I hardly think the gahment really knows what to do with this complex issue. I seriously think that they would have trumpeted their solution by now if they do have one.

Look around you and look at the figures: 1 million fucking PRC (not counting those from other countries) in Singapore. How do you get rid of them? And how many?

50%? That's 500,000 PRC fuckers to send home. Over a period of how long, one year or 5 years? What is the logistics of sending that many PRCs home? What would happen to the economy? How many points of GDP growth is that?

See what I mean? The gahment doesn't know what to so they kinda maintain the status quo with maybe a bit of fine tuning.

But heh, the average Sinkie doesn't not want fine-tuning. They want radical change, substantial change.

However, I also think Sinkies don't have the balls to do anything other than talk/write/complain.

So this paralysis will last how long?