Thursday, May 10, 2012

FT and Job Market in Singapore

Yesterday I hired an engineer. This is a guy with a master's degree. And mind you, his degree is not from some charpalang place ok?

His master degree is from this first world country called Singapore. NTU no less.

So guess how much is he willing to accept?

S$3,500.00 per month. Since he will be on EP, there is no CPF contribution. In that sense, he is equivalent to a Singaporean that is asking for a salary of S$3,000.00.

So which Sinkie with a Master's from NTU is willing to work for S$3K? I think ZERO! Maybe the argument is valid that the system is working against the competitiveness of a local.

However, local Sinkie PMET need not worry so much about PRC shitbags. I interviewed another engineer that same day. The asshole was arrogant, can't speak English for fuck, and when told that we were not interested in him, walked off nonchalantly.

So fuck PRCs.

Speaking of which.... often when PRC have a fight with Sinkie locals in those online forums, fucking PRCs love to say, please remember where your ancestors came from! Don't be rude to Mother China.

I'd say: "

  1. Fuck you and all the shitbags in China.
  2. My ancestors don't know YOUR ancestor's so what the fuck has that got to do with anything??
  3. My ancestors are ALL DEAD!! So, let's move on. [I love this all-emcompassing "let's-move-on" shit.]
  4. If that is the logic of your fucking peasant PRC mentality, then it is also true that you fuckers share the same ancestry with fucking chimpanzees in Africa!!! So, why don't you fucking go and live in Congo, you fucking trash." 
Lastly, I went into Esso to pay for my petrol this morning. I said: "Pump No.5". The PRC bitch started speaking Mandarin with me.

So I asked her in English:"Why the fuck are you speaking Mandarin to me???"

Then she quickly switch to broken English. I wanted to add "this is not fucking China" but then I thought no need la. She got the message.

The point is you have to confront them every time a fucking PRC acts like an asshole. Otherwise, they will think, we have 6 billion people, so we should rule the world. 

You see... not all FTs are bad. This FT support Sinkies. Hehehehe.