Monday, July 11, 2011

BERSIH 2.0 - This is not what UMNO wants you to believe.

Many people have blogged and wrote about BERSIH 2.0 already. So I won't repeat the same things that had been said.

The UMNO propaganda machine wants you to believe that this whole event is a conspiracy created by Pakatan Rakyat to take away power from UMNO by underhanded means.

They try to create racial hatred between the various races to draw attention away from the real issue which is clean and fair election.

I want to show you just one photo. The guy on his knees praying (presumably). He is a Malay. Notice the guy holding the loud speaker. He is Chinese.

What other prove do you need that Malaysians of all races want free and fair election?

BN will lose PR13. We need to act and act decisively.

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