Monday, July 4, 2011

Chicken Talking with The Duck

The Cantonese has a saying: "it's like chicken talking to the duck.."

This is a true story. Me trying to order some parts from my HQ in Japan.

Me: I want HN-5001. Customer complained that HN-5001B is no good.

Japan HQ: HN-5001 and HN-5001B is a same part.

Me: Sorry, I understand they are two different parts with two different design. That's why the price is different, right? [WTF]

Japan HQ: Because they are made in different factories.

Me: Nevermind, I still want HN-5001.

Japan HQ: No stock. Why don't you use HN-5001B? it's the improved version. BTW, lead time is 3-4 week.

Me: Nevermind, I will wait.

Japan HQ: Oh sorry, the lead time is now 6 weeks. [WTF X 2???]

Me: Nevermind, I still want it.

Japan HQ: So now do you want HN5001 or HN-5001? [Notice one is with "dash" and other is without]

Me: [Thinking: you fucker, are you saying there's a THIRD version of this part?]

I think the cocksucker really don't want me to place this order. 

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