Friday, July 8, 2011

This is very serious!!!!

I'm always amused by running dogs and the way they speak/write. It's as if these cocksuckers are retarded and has no training in propaganda. I mean if you are going to be a running dog mouthpiece. At least polish your language skill and try to sound convincing.

For example, this blogger called Big Dog. a.k.a. cocksucker.

His latest posting is typical la, here's an except:

Keep out of KL: Its KJ Vs fourteen plus two
"The Police acted stern. This afternoon, they issued a list of 91 persons banned from entering Kuala Lumpur central business district on Saturday, the day BERSIH 2.0 is being planned to happen. It is the same day Malay NGO PERKASA and UMNO Youth wanted to hold a ‘retaliatory’ march as a show of force. The law enforcement agency obtained a court order to prevent these persons to enter the city limits."

Then, here goes the moron with his scare mongering:

"This is a very serious list. Rakyat should really watch these peoples’ space. From tomorrow onwards, a lot of people would be affected because of them. Some greatly being inconvenienced and many Klang Valley dwellers usual Saturday-shopping day stole from them. This include hundreds of thousands of school going boys and girls."

OMFG.... this is very serious!!!! Now I just want to focus on the word "serious". First of all, who the fuck is joking and fucking around? Since when is the pursuit of democracy trivial?

If nobody is fucking around with this BERSIH march, why is there a need for you to go .... ohhh this is serious, OMFG, chaos reins, stock up on canned food?

Fucking Cocksucker.

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