Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Can you see my dick?

Why are we ashamed of our body and sexuality?

I often jack off in my living room. And I have absolutely no problem if my neighbor gets to see my schlong.

So, I'm pretty shocked to read the news below. Not because scams like these exist and that people do fall for it.

  1. A 22 year old boy has got close to $100,000 cash?
  2. He gave it away because someone threatened to put a video of his masturbation online?
Heck, if I got that kind of dough... 
  1. I would fly to London, Paris, NY, and pay for the best pussy anyone can buy.
  2. Withdraw all the cash from the bank, spread it allover my bed, lie on them and jack off. Make a video and post it on porn tube MYSELF!!!
So what I said in my previous post [click here] is completely spot on.


Six arrested over webcam love scam

POLICE have busted an Internet love-scam syndicate comprising six individuals who allegedly extorted about $100,000 from at least five victims by threatening to circulate compromising videos of them.
The suspects, comprising three men and three women aged between 17 and 47, were nabbed yesterday at a flat in Marsiling - from which their illicit operations are believed to have been carried out - and in the vicinity of Ang Mo Kio.
Among them was a couple - a 22-year-old man and a 17-year-old girl - believed to be the masterminds of the syndicate.
Items such as laptops, mobile phones, ATM cards, Internet-banking devices and bank books were also seized.
During a press conference held yesterday at the police headquarters in New Phoenix Park, Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) Aileen Yap, who is deputy head of investigation at Ang Mo Kio Police Division, said that the "female subject would befriend potential victims online and gain their trust through chats".
This was conducted on popular Internet website, where webcam chats would take place between them.
Once a victim's trust had been gained, the suspect would undress to persuade the male victim to strip in front of the webcam. The suspect would then record it, DSP Yap added.
The suspect would then threaten to circulate the footage online unless the victim transferred money to her.
The scam came to light after a 22-year-old man lodged a police report on Sunday, after being scammed of at least $97,000 over a nine-month period.
The victim had made more than 80 transactions during that time to various bank accounts provided by the suspects.
The police said two other scam reports made in February last year and early this month may be linked to the same syndicate, but at least two other victims have yet to make reports.
If convicted, the suspects face a jail term of up to seven years, along with caning for the male suspects.

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