Wednesday, February 1, 2012

You can't even spell Yee Sang!

Yes that is correct.

It is Yee Sang. It was ORIGINATED from Malaysia.

It is not YuSheng. Some Singaporean cocksuckers just want rob our culture.

It is correct, 60 years ago Singapore did not even exist? If you go to Newton Circle, you will find a signboard that say ALL the food like char kuay tiao, laksa, etc apparently originated from Singapore.

I bet Chicken Kiev ALSO originated from Singapore hor? Some Cocksucker will come out and say (and fucking stupid SPH would print it).... "Yeah, actually hor, it was a Ukrainian living in Singapore 100 years ago that invented the dish, therefore, Chicken Kiev is originated from Singapore."

You have no shame.

You see, the thing that pisses me off is why do you have to have a label for everything? Yee Sang is just that. Why should it be "YuSheng originated from Singapore?"

You see what I mean?

Don't get me started on the fucking Singaporean cocksuckers that stop [and turn on the hazard light] on the shoulder of CTE before the ERP gantry to save S$1.

And don't also get me started on the fucking Singaporean asshole that tailgates me on KJE every fucking morning. Saving 1 minute of you time by tailgating me on your way to your destination DOES NOT MAKE YOU LESS OF AN ASSHOLE!

And don't also get me started on the two cocksuckers who fucked the same woman and didn't know about being two-timed. [Can you imagine eating her pussy and end up swallowing the other fucker's cum??? Eewww, nay, double Eeeeww]

Since they are such senior civil servants, they are supposed to be a bit smart right? Then, how come they got punk'd?

I know why. Because you paid them less than S$1 million a year. If you did pay them the same amount as your ministers, this would not have happened!!


I just can't wait to read the news about some Singapore cabinet minister being charged for SODOMY. Saiful, where the fuck are you when we need you? Then, double confirm must buy Toto liao.

KL restauranteur: Definitely not S’pore created Yusheng
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KL restauranteur: Definitely not S’pore created Yusheng
Pang Kim Hock of Sek Yuen restaurant in Kuala Lumpur remembers the traditional yee sang (Yusheng) gaining popularity here in the mid-1950s.
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, February 1, 2012
Restaurant operator Pang Kim Hock remembers the traditional yee sang dish gaining popularity here in the mid-1950s.

“Only a few restaurants in KL served the dish then.

“I am not sure where it originated from but definitely not Singapore, because the popularity of yee sang spread from KL to the other parts of Malaya.

“And this was when Singapore was still part of Malaya,” said the 70-year-old who started out as a waiter but now runs the Sek Yuen Restaurant in Jalan Pudu here.

He said this in response to a suggestion by a Singaporean academic, who claimed on Facebook that yee sang originated from the island republic and should be entered into Unesco's Intangible Cultural Heritage list.

The claim has since been refuted by several Chinese associations in Malaysia.

The family-run Sek Yuen restaurant mainly serves Cantonese cuisine.

For decades, customers have flocked to the restaurant during Chinese New Year for its acclaimed yee sang.

“Our yee sang is prepared using the usual ingredients such as thinly sliced pickled ginger, green papaya, fish slices and five-spice powder.

“However, the sauce is made using a secret family recipe,” said Pang.

He added that while some modern-day restaurants have modified their yee sang recipes, Sek Yuen still kept to the traditional style of preparing the dish.

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