Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Peach Garden Fried Carrot Cake

In life sometimes you must make assumptions when arriving at a decision.

I love fried carrot cake a.k.a chye tow kuay.

I read in the news that your CABINET MINISTER, Acting Community Development, Youth and Sports Minister , Major General (NS) Chan Chun Sing, who said:

“(For example,) you go to Peach Garden, you eat the $10 XO Sauce chye tow kuay (fried carrot cake), you can be quite happy right? Because you are satisfied with the service and so on. On the other hand, you can go to a hawker centre, even if they charge you $1.50, you might not want to eat it if the quality is not good.”

I have some FACTS so I have to make assumptions about the rest:

FACT: He is an [acting] cabinet minister. Nay, a Singapore cabinet minister.

FACT: He's paid around a million dollars a year [plus minus S$10.00].

Assumption: He is rich therefore he must eat at really expensive and good restaurants all the time. Then, it is reasonable to think that he would have refined taste and not like some heartland fucker.

Assumption: He is a cabinet minister, so he must be telling the truth and has actually tried that stupid carrot cake before.

The problem is should I trust him?

What if I spend S$10 and the carrot cake taste like shit???

I kept thinking, this is a SINGAPORE cabinet minister wor.... how can I be wrong following him?

On second thoughts, I think I just eat my chye tow kuay when I go back to my home town in Malaysia during CNY. Singapore food taste like shit anyways.

Sorry, you guys are stupid crazy to pay S$10.00. As for how much you should pay your minister, I don't know la, not my country.

Anyway, this is the real thing:

Tell your minister, got money also not waste like that mah.

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