Monday, January 9, 2012

Anwar Acquitted! Next Stop Putrajaya.

Anwar is acquitted.

It would have been crazy for UMNO to send him to jail.

So what if he likes to butt-fuck young men? Anyway, I don't think he was guilty in this particular case. Even if he did, it was selective prosecution on the part of AG.

Come on, you know how many gays are there in KL alone? Which one of them had been charged, let alone jailed, for butt-fucking?

Anyway, the point is not about Anwar being in jail or not, I don't think it changes my vote in the next election even a single bit.

Listen UMNO, and listen carefully.

If you take the Perkasa Nazi, Ibrahim Ali, out to the court yard, and put a bullet into his head, I will vote for you.


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