Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Crouching Train Hidden Claws

There seems to be a rush to calm the nerves of commuters of MRT the last couple of days.

Apparently part of the problems was "claws on the third rail" [whatever that is, just look at the picture] were failing off the track.

It wasn't ONE single claw.

It was TWENTY ONE CLAWS. Didn't they start worrying about the train when the FIFTH claws was missing? Why wait until 21 claws???

Anyway, the geniuses at SMRT decided to put the claws back. But to MAKE SURE they don't fall off again, they got to secure it to the bracket.

You wonder how they do that. Welding maybe?

No! They tied it with cable tie. Even I think that's fucking nuts!!!

Watch the video below, around 40 seconds into it. The stupid journalist actually can keep a straight face while explaining the damn thing. That must have taken her a lot of fucking practice at drama school.

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