Friday, October 22, 2010

Namewee 黄明志

His name is Namewee 黄明志. He's a rapper, short film maker, and I suppose a song writer too. But most of all, he has emerged as a brave and astute social commentator in Malaysia.

Chinese Malaysian has suffered decades of discrimination and hatred by the Malays who called us pendatangs and infidels. Most of our community leaders just pussy foot around the issue.

This guy is in-your-face. The Melayus tried to shut him up by using the police/special branch but somehow not able to make it stick.

So please go buy his album and show your support.

This guys has got balls, I tell you. Naturally I'm a big fan. I'll let him speak for himself.

Notice how the incompetent morons in TNB tried to cover things up. Totally shameless. Their salaries are paid by our tax monies.

Some Malay teacher recently spoke some nasty racist shit to Chinese students and asked them to go back to China. The bitch also compared Indians to dog.

This is Namewee's reply:

And this is his more recent video. I think his singing has improved a lot since the debut "Negaraku" vid.

The link to his blog is at the bottom of this page.

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