Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Ok, everyone has got the right to wear what they want.

Mini skirts are supposed to be sexy. The wearer is trying to show how slim, long and beautiful legs that she has. The hidden meaning is that there's more inside. It's human nature, the cave man thing. Women are programed to attract the most genetically superior male to procreate the most biologically perfect offspring. I get that.

But mini skirt on fat chicks? They THINK the mini skirts look sexy on them therefore achieve the above goal.

This is Snooki from "Jersey Shore":

Personally I think she's hilarious in Jersey Shore but man, some wardrobe people gotta get her something better. But then again, the series would be boring to watch, right?

But this world, there are always exception. This one is one of PRC's top models. “中国第一肥模”, or “曾晶". I kid you not.

Side track a bit. My wife and I love to watch "Jerseylicious". The two main characters are Olivia and Tracy. Both are typical New Jersey young women. I know, my roommate in university was from New Jersey. So is Bruce Springsteen.

This is Olivia (on the left). I think she's genuine in a "joysey" way. She's a lot more fun to watch.

This is Tracy. She's a bitch. She's fat and yet she think she's fabulous. There was this one episode when she went back to the training school where she graduated from. She said: "This is the HARVARD of beauty school." That's how dumb she is.

Finally, something nice to balance things out.

Members of the band, Girls Aloud.

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