Thursday, October 28, 2010

HUAT AH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

4-D lottery is a national past time in Singapore. Same as in Malaysia for the non-Muslims. But I think it's worse in Singapore.

Every draw day (I think 3 times a week), loads of people will line up to gamble. Which is kinda funny to me, you line up to give away your money.

Even the monks get into the action. Which pretty much tells you how crazy that is.

If you notice carefully, some of these punters will hold the tickets in their hands and stare at each one intensely. I guess they are trying to figure out the numbers that they've bought will come out in the result.

Well, someone forgot to tell them IT'S COMPLETELY RANDOM!!! You fucking moron.

No matter what number you pick, IT IS COMPLETELY RANDOM. There are no patterns or sequences that you can calculate to get the next winning number. There are not enough data and quite frankly you don't have a super-computer to do the calculation assuming you've got the algorithm in the first place.

So next time you step up to the counter, don't be a fucking moron. Buy it for fun, don't buy it to get rich.

PS. - Since it's completely random, I'd rather buy Toto. For a wager of $1, I can potentially win more than half a mil. By comparison, the wager of $1 on 4-d, the max you win is a few thousand bucks.

Incidentally, there's a tree on Jalan Terusan (use google map, you idiot) identified by a red fire hydrant next to it.  Apparently it is particularly "heng". I never tried it myself because I'm once of those people that you might say has no "peen choy". 

You are free to go check it out if you are that crazy. But you gotta go pray at between 3:00am-3:15am during full moon. My buddy struck 1st price twice. Believe it or not.

Method: (according to him la):
Use two dices and throw four times: Outcome of 2-9, use those values. 10 = 1. 11 & 12 = throw again.

If you strike, please buy me lunch.

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