Friday, October 22, 2010

Young Fucks and Sunglasses

This is another entry from my old blog.

Just took the wife to Bangkok for some shopping. The woman can shop for 7-hours straight!!! In one shopping complex alone. Anyway this post is not about Bangkok.

On the way back on the plane, on two separate occasions, I saw young idiots (one guy and one girl) wearing sunglasses. You might say what's wrong with that??!!???



What was wrong was that it was 10pm and the sun was long gone. Now why the fuck would someone do that at the risk of walking straight into a wall? I can't explain it. Is it because they think they are some kind of idiots like Kayne West?  

That leads to the other side of the coin. Why can't the idiots in KL run a proper library? I've not been to many libraries of major cities. But I have to say, Singapore has got the coolest National Library. The building is beautiful, the library is spacious and well designed. The best of all, it is highly user friendly. You can browse, read, check out, return books, CDs, and what-nots all without having to deal with any "counter-idiots".

In KL, you would have to deal with some kampong idiots behind the counter and you will spend 2 hours to check out one book. And all the English book will be house in some dungeon in Basement 11. 

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