Monday, October 18, 2010

Food Review: Yuan Wei

Yuan Wei
1001 Serangoon Road.

ieatishoot recommended this restaurant so I thought I try it out.

Parking is shitty. We had to drive around the block to park at some HDB flat then walked over.

Since it's just me and my wife. We ordered the Dried Fried Hor Fun. My wife can't take MSG so we told them to keep that out.

The lady boss looked perpetually pissed off, and that's a bad sign.

Hor Fun came, and the wok mei is just so-so. Because it has no MSG, tasted also bland. Heh, you could have used some salt right?

Taken with my blackberry so not so great la.

We also ordered egg foo yong. It's not bad.

That's what left of it.

Behind the restaurant, there are more seats. That's the only plus point. On a cool night, it can be quite shiok to sit here and have some food and laughs.

We sat at the kaki-5. This is actually quite common in Singapore. I'm surprised because Singapore is quite a regulated country. Why do they allow this to happen? Isn't his fire hazard? I mean I expect this to happen in Malaysia because the city council enforcement people are totally corrupted and they come and collect protection money from you.

But in Singapore? Why?

Furthermore, they charged me for peanuts that we didn't get. When I pointed that out, the lady boss reimbursed me but she wasn't happy.

I guess she knew we won't be going back.

BTW, this restaurant is supposed to be famous for serving giant grouper. I didn't realised that until I saw the menu. I mean giant grouper is the most gracious and beautiful fish in the ocean. We divers always get a kick of seeing them in the water. Now, why would you want to keep killing them?

Look how beautiful the fella is. And you want to kill it and stuff your face with his meat? 

And fuck ieatishoot for promoting this restaurant.

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