Friday, October 22, 2010

How to Live Before You Die

Steve Jobs

This man has got to be the most interesting man to watch in the our generation. In more ways than a lot of head of states, he has had a big impact on how we live and communicate.

Let's put it this way, my knuckle head wife has been anti-apple all her life. But recently she got her hands on an iPad and all of the sudden she's SLEEPING with the damn thing. THAT's how powerful Apple products are.

If you are an investor and put your money in their company as recent as 5 years ago. This is how rich you would be today.

If you bought Apple in the week of July 10, 2006, you would have paid US$50.67. Today the same stock is worth S$300.00. You do the fucking math.

And a lot of people are saying this is heading to US$400.00. With a upcoming Apps store for Mac computers, I would not bet against the man.

Leave the company and products aside, the man's passion for life is da bomb. Right before Apple's amazing run, the man gave a speech at Standford University in 2005, it defines what most of us should do but few of us actually did.

And this is his latest product, I gotta have one of those. Sigh.....

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