Tuesday, October 4, 2011


I love Mustafa.

For those of you cocksuckers from Malaysia. This is a MEGA store in Singapore that opens 24 hours. It literally has got EVERYTHING IN THIS WORLD. It belongs to a Mamak, so if you're an ah neh, this is like heaven to you if you just got off the boat.

I think LKY went to Mustafa 5 years ago and say: "eh Mus, I'm going to bring in ONE MILLION ah nehs in the next 5 years, are you going to expand your store or not?" So, Mustafa became even 'HUGER". I know there's no such word but this is what my wife would probably say.

Anyway, the thing about Mustafa is that after you buy your stuff, they will bag it and cable-tie it. So that it's more difficult for you to shop-lift.

For example:

That's my wife's head by the way. Just kidding. And check out her tummy. She's not pregnant (thank the lord), she's just fat. Hehehe.

Then I turned around and saw this!!!!

Have they got a plastic bag THAT BIG??? How else are they going to cable-tie the cocksucker???


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