Monday, October 24, 2011


In Singapore, they like to say things like "double-confirm" and "irregardless". Now lets talk about "Over-Promise".

Over-Promise is when you say something so good, whatever the motive, that later you will regret.

The most recent racist fucking Malay cocksuckers in Malaysia who tries to over-compensate for their small dicks and ugly wives...

And they have... promised ONE MILLION MUSLIMS ..... to fit into a stadium with a capacity of 80,000? The other 920,000 go where?

See what I mean about stupid cocksuckers??

Himpun says numbers don’t matter

UPDATED @ 07:09:19 AM 23-10-2011
October 22, 2011
SHAH ALAM, Oct 22 — Himpunan Sejuta Umat has said it is not concerned with the poor turnout at today’s rally, arguing that the spirit of the 5,000-strong crowd was more important.

“We are not concerned about the real numbers if you want to count everyone,” Himpun chairman Mohd Azmi Abdul Hamid told reporters after the rally.

“They can be a small number but the spirit is the same [when you have a dick in your mouth, you tend to say stupid things like that - Hum Yee], whether one million come or one hundred thousand or one thousand.”
In Singapore recently, I think they also over-promised la.

PM's goal: No one gets left behind
by Janice Heng

IN HIS first appearance before the new Parliament elected in the watershed May general election, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong pledged to make maintaining social mobility a top priority of his new government.

A society 'in which no one is left behind' was his objective, he declared, and one made particularly urgent by an apparent trend of rising social stratification.

Speaking for more than an hour before an attentive House, PM Lee set out what was needed to realise the vision of a better life for all - a vision first painted in President Tony Tan Keng Yam's address at the opening of Parliament last week.

This, he indicated, would be 'the next chapter' in the ongoing Singapore Story.

One requirement was an inclusive society in which everyone benefits from progress, 'has a say, a stake and a sense of belonging', and aspires to do better.

[Sure or not? No one? Not even a single one? - Hum Yee]

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