Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Hum Yee has been living in Singapore for a few years now.

It is a constant love-hate relationship with this city... and to a certain extend the locals.

One thing about the kiasu-ness of Singaporean is true.

For example, why are all the cocksuckers driving on the road ASSUME that the space 100 meters in front of them are theirs, regardless of traffic conditions? They will fucking honk you if you dare to change lane in front of them. This is not something new but still...

The other day Hum Yee was going to order a new aircon for the apartment and found himself questioning the salesman about this and that. And then on the way home, I said to the wife: "Holy shit, have I been super kiasu with that salesman just now? Have I become one of you??" The wife was laughing her ass off, cocksucker.

[The picture above has got ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with this topic. But I just want to mess with your head a little bit...]

Anyway, I rarely like to talk about myself. But work has been pretty good lately and I'm settling in the new job (well not that new anymore considering I've been in the job for 2 years) and it looks like I'll be staying here for a while.

It's kind of ambivalent for me. I love a big part of this city. The other day I was taking the new Circle Line to Vivocity and the new train was so nice and efficient. This you can't find in KL.

But I just don't want to end up being another Singaporean cocksucker, you know? Small minded, kiasu, and ill mannered. Will staying here for another 5-10 years make me into another heartland uncle???

I hope not.

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