Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Stupid forum moderator

I posted a link on this forum which led to this posting of mine. Click here or scroll down to the earlier post.

Then I got an email from a moderator of that forum, probably another stupid bitch.

She told me she deleted my posting. She also asked me not to post anything with offensive languages, presumably it ruffles the modesty of her fucking forumers. You see, these are puritanical bitches who has never had their pussy eaten in their lives. So you can understand that they are a little bit uptight. Oooooooo, he wrote the word "fuck".... oh no, we CAN'T have that in our nice little forum???!!!???

But wait a minute!!!!!!!

I posted A LINK. I did not post any CONTENT.

Is it my fucking fault that you CLICK ON THE LINK????

So, technically, I did not post any "offensive" content on YOUR FORUM. All the offensive stuff is on MY BLOG!!!

Too bad you do not have any CONTROL over what's on my blog.

That's why you're pissed right??? Be honest.

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