Friday, August 5, 2011

Shame on you.

Recently a PRC student in Singapore made a video making fun of the locals.

Immediately, there was a big hoohaa about how some FT insulted the locals and therefore this cocksucker must be hanged or something to that effect.

In the end, the fag was expelled from his school and ran back to PRC.

Then, some sensible natives wrote to say along the line of "hey take a look at the mirror, we are fucking racists too. Why is it that we have double standard? When people make fun of us, we get our panties in a twist."

Story of PRC Fag went up against Sinkies and Lost.

Then in the comments section, you have this fucking cocksucker (typical of Singaporean mentality, my wife talks like that also whenever we fight) that says, oh, there's a difference, we ONLY do this, but he did that. That means he is guilty as hell and we are innocent, and therefore we are JUSTIFIED for being a fucking bunch of morons as a society. You can read what this fucktard says below and you'll get my point.

Singapore as a nation should be ashamed of fucktards like this.

"To compare what Wang has done to What Singaporeans do is quite, in my opinion, unfair. Firstly, most derogatory remarks we make are in a personal capacity, often within small groups of friends as jokes. What Wang has done was deliberately and intentionally put his views on the internet which is available to everyone to view. From this action we can see that he actually meant what he said, and not in a joking manner as he claimed. This makes a very big difference, as in the case where friends who insult each other with swear words like ‘f***ing idiot’ or the likes are laughed off, yet when shouted at a stranger more likely than not gets you beaten up.
Secondly, Singaporeans who have made such remarks on the social media have been caught and shamed in the mainstream media, ala the three kids on Facebook. Thus for Wang to be able to ‘escape’ punishment seems to be a bit much for people to take."

On the matter of language proficiency, the PRC is actually right. Singaporeans can't speak either Mandarin or English!!! So do Malaysians, but at least we got excuse because we live in a predominantly Malayu country and the official language is Bahasa Malayu.

Sinkies on the other hand have got no excuse!!! Even your own people thought so, read here.

Don't get me started on my wife whose incorrect usage of the word "ever" is fucking hilarious. To her it is "You ever?" instead of "Have you?".

And the best part is that she is real proud of the handicap. Go figure.

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