Saturday, September 17, 2011



This has to be the most interesting word ever created. 

Is it one word or two words?

Is it Cock Sucker or Cocksucker? I think it is the latter.

This is a wonderful word. You can use it in so many ways and so many types of people. But some how you don't hear people in Singapore say that.

I like to say it a lot. It is really versatile. For emphasis, you can always add "mother fucking" before it.

"You cocksucker", it has so much punch to it when it rolls off your tongue.

You use it on real estate agents, citibank tele-marketer, summon auntie, the stupid cashier at Zara, your boss, your wife, your dentist, your dog...

These are some of the things you might say.

1) "That COV is toooooo much cocksucker!"
2) "Cocksucker that hurts"
3) "Suck my cock, you cocksucker."
4) "Why summon me? I was parking here for two minutes to use the ATM you cocksucker..."
5) "I quit, you cocksucker!"
6) "Cocksucker, come here"
7) "Call this number again and I will kill your whole family, cocksucker."
8) "What do you mean you don't have size 42? cocksucker."
9) "Cocksucker, where's the steak I ordered?"
10) "Signal when you change lane, cocksucker!!"
11) "That cocksucker..." you can say it in disdain, in disrespect, in awe, in indifference. In fact, you can even use it to refer to a inanimate object. 

Or you can just simply say: "Cocksucker" at anyone or anything or any direction.
You see? Easy, right?

Try it say something and then throw in the cocksucker anywhere you want.

It's cool.

Before you know it, you'll be saying it like I do. Cocksucker.

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