Thursday, September 29, 2011

Namewee Fucks UTUSAN 黃明志幹五毒散

See the Malay bitch below (the one on the left):

Her name is Fauziah Arof. She's a reporter from UTUSAN. And you take a look at her and you can tell she's from some kampong. Totally no education and half literate. But heh, Malaysia Boleh, the cocksuckers at UTUSAN decided to give her a PC and a keyboard.

So she thought she very clever and go write a stupid article about the Nasi Lemak 2.0 movie, without watching it. [Hey, cunt! Even if he was being racist, you cocksuckers started it FIRST!!! Have you heard of NEP??? Fucking retard!]


Because she said Namewee was a racist. Never mind that the movie featured quite a few local movie stars from other races, including hers.

Looks at the picture below: WTF is THAT??? You fucking call that racial harmony? 1Malaysia? To say you will spill Chinese blood? See what I mean about you cocksuckers started it first?? Fuck you bitch!!

But it is not entirely her fault, you can't blame her too much for being stupid.

It is the cocksucker editors at UTUSAN who are fucking openly racist that did not put her on a leash.

Of course, our Namewee was not going to sit there and let those cocksuckers slime the ENTIRE NATION OF RAKYAT, right?

So, let it rip, buddy:

This is a back-up upload (same video) in case they pull the video from YouTube.

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