Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Can UMNO survive GE 13th?

These two by-elections in Galas and Batu Api is making UMNO nervous. GE 13th is not too far away.

Najib is now begging for Chinese votes:

“Malaysia would not be what it is today without the industry, expertise and dedication of the Malaysian Chinese community,”

“Likewise, there will be a bleak future for Malaysia without the Chinese community’s support. We would clearly fall short of reaching the goals to become a developed nation by 2020.”

He added that the community formed the backbone of the Malaysian economy through its small and medium enterprises.

I say we don't now give the NAZI a single vote! They need to do something for us first.

Arrest ALL, yes I mean all, Perkasa morons and place them under ISA for twenty years. THIS IS WHAT ISA WAS INTENDED FOR. Use it the right way.

Another thing is to charge the "Apanama" Mahathir for corruption and send the senile fucker to jail.

Otherwise, come GE 13th, vote opposition!!!

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