Saturday, November 6, 2010

FT and Retirement

From a pure economic perspective, the knowledge and skills of an FT (migrant/international worker) is nothing but a product that generates economic value. The physical form (the person) is the vehicle that carries/houses the said product.

That is to say foreign migrant workers are here because Singapore economy wants it, DEMANDS IT. Willing buyer and willing seller, you see.

A lot of critics of foreign migrants in Singapore invariably spout this argument.

- they come and work and get all the economic benefits, then they (the foreign talents) leave and go back to their country.

These critics are fucking morons. Let me simplify the points for them to digest.

1) If your take foreign skills as a product, by having these products in Singapore means Singapore willingly imports these products. The issue of pricing (as in Singaporeans are losing jobs to FT because FT is cheaper to hire) is an issue of protectionism (For boys with little dick, please review your Econ 101). I won't argue about protectionism in international trade because lots of people can do it better than I.

2) That means if you morons are against FT, and version of it, you are also against buying t-shirts from China. Better throw away that GAP t-shirt that you so proudly wear.

3) By the same toke, this also means the current FT situation may not necessarily be static forever. If and when the economic conditions are such that both parties don't consider it MUTUALLY BENEFICIAL, these importations will slow or stop completely.

For the FT, it is simple economics. If I can't sell my products in one market, I will sell it in another, INCLUDING MY OWN MARKET. Capish?

Let's now talk about retirement for FT's:

The same critics complaint that we, the FTs, will take our CPF money and go back to our country and have a comfortable life, taking into account the relative exchange rate.

1) Who does these CPF money belongs to? You? No, belongs to me. And if I want to take it out to use it as I wish, who the fuck are you to say otherwise?

2) By relocating back to our country, we forgo your beautiful Orchard Road and super efficient transportation system. Do you know what is it like to take a bus in KL? Naturally, there's always pros and cons. So, please, don't be so daft. It's embarrassing.

3) The critics always says, "oh, we've got not enough money to live by; oh we can't afford HDB flat" because of the FTs. Well, have you fucking morons heard of this concept called "living within your means" or "spending only what you have"???? Will you fucking die if you don't own an iPhone? Do you really need a fucking boat like Honda Odyssey to get around a small island like Singapore?

My mother used to tell me: "When you're unhappy about something in your life, look in the mirror first."

In every society, there are people with extreme views. Singapore is no different. That doesn't represent the majority of the Singapore people. I get that.

While I'm in your country, I will do my best to contribute. In fact, I always scold my wife for littering. Singapore is a clean and beautiful city, it's all our responsibility to keep it that way.

And if someday I want to go back home, will you hold it against me? 

Why is that? Why is it wrong for me to be loyal to MY OWN COUNTRY, while is it not wrong for you to do the same? 

For the boys with little dicks, there's is sub-forum in Sammyboy called FT Bashing Ring that is a dedicated place for shitheads like you. Enjoy yourself.

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