Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Road Trip: Pekan Nenas/Kukup/Pontian

Recently I decided to take a road trip. I chose Kukup because it was not too far and yet gave me a chance to get out of the city. I can only take Orchard Road so much you know?

On the way after the 2nd Link, I turned of to Pekan Nenas which is supposed to have lots of pineapple. There's in fact a pineapple museum.

Saw some new houses being built at the edge of town (about 25km from Tuas), it's very cheap. RM138k (S$58k) for a single story house. For the same amount, you can't even buy a toilet in Singapore. Note to self: potential weekend house.

Before you reach Kukup, there's a very nice golf course if you're into that kind of things. Not many people though, even on weekends.

Then off to Kukup. It's really a very small fishing village. But quite a lot of seafood restaurants. Must plan a separate trip to come makan.

One the way home, passed by Pontian. Nothing to shout about, just a regular small town.

Also around the Pontian exit, saw a gated community type of development by SP Setia called Setia Eco gardens. Very nice.

When it was launched in late 2008, double storey link was about RM280k (S$118k). Now that it is completed, 2nd hand market is listing them at slightly over RM300k (S$127k). Very cheap. If you see how well they are built, you'll agree with me.

The advantage is the development is very near the highway. I clocked exactly 20km to Tuas checkpoint. Note to self: Retirement Home!!!!!!!!

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